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What Makes a Good Promotional Campaign? 4 Characteristics of a Successful Ad

Updated: Apr 20

Congratulations! You’ve successfully launched your new product and/or service.

Now the question is: How do you let your audience know about it? How do you make sure that it gets the maximum amount of visibility?

The answer? An effective promotional campaign.

What Makes a Good Promotional Campaign?

Any business worth its salt knows that the key to generating sales is through good marketing.

But, what exactly makes a promotional campaign effective? Here are 4 characteristics that make for a strong promotional campaign.

A Good Promotional Campaign

1. It’s targeted.

In the past, advertising relied on mass media to reach as wide an audience as possible. These pertain to the use of radio and television. While some businesses are still doing this, effective marketing in today’s society requires highly segmented and targeted audiences.

Women, men, children, teens, older adults. Every business has an ideal customer profile they’re trying to attract. The more focused your campaign is on a particular audience, the more effective it can be. The content of your promotional campaign messages must appeal to the needs and feelings of your specific audience.

Characteristic of a Successful Ad

2. It’s unique.

Consumers are exposed to hundreds of ads in a day. To stand out in today’s highly saturated market, you need to create a unique promotional campaign. How? You can use unexpected resources and formats. For instance, grab your target audience’s attention by emphasizing what makes your service or product truly unique. Offer great deals, discounts, or do something completely out of the box. The possibilities are endless!

As a virtual assistant for online coaches, business coaches, and fitness coaches, among others, 8point8 can help you create unique promotional campaigns that will help you stand out from your competition.

Highly Effective Promotional Campaign

3. It’s creative.

Memorable catchphrases, mind-blowing images, unforgettable blogs, videos that tell stories… Effective promotional campaigns use creativity to stand out and make a brand memorable. The most creative ads manage to surprise audiences, move them to action, and are unforgettable.

Don’t have a creative bone in your body? If the how’s of video making, content writing, or image editing escape you, don’t worry! Our virtual assistant team can make creative promotional campaigns that bring your vision to life.