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An online membership hosted by the
8point8 Virtual Assistant Team

Ready to slash your endless to-do list? Join us and master the art of smart task delegation for peak productivity.

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Join the Circle
of Solo-Business Owners
who want to

delegate like a boss

Feeling swamped by growth?
Unsure how to deal with your ballooning to-do list?
Are your business tasks taking its toll on your sanity?

If you ever wished there was a way to make the growing pains in your business, NOT as painful, this is the answer you are looking for!

Delegate Like a Boss Membership
is your gateway to learning effective team management, super easy task delegation techniques, and fostering long-term virtual assistant loyalty without the stress.

This is perfect for solo entrepreneurs eyeing expansion but craving simplicity in their journey towards scaling their business.

Nice to meet you!

I'm Lisa Sabala

Founder of 8point8 Virtual Assistance, Writer, Productivity Consultant, and Mom of 3 Boys.

Lisa Sabala, CEO and founder of 8point8 Virtual Assistant Team

Like you, I've also struggled with 14-hour work days, unhealthy coffee-fueled productivity, and the frustration of being a solo-preneur who wanted to but couldn't scale their business.


Yes, I am you! I created a successful VA business from my passion to help other business owners and coaches.


Then, the projects and clients poured in; I got swamped with tasks. I wanted to be productive for my clients but I don't want to neglect my health and my family.

Is this how you feel now?

You want to WORK LESS and enjoy your LIFE MORE.
Girl, same! 🙋

So after stumbling through my misadventures of scaling my business, I found the perfect formula:

1️⃣ How to organize your biz processes the easy way
2️⃣ Build a team without feeling overwhelmed
3️⃣ Assign your tasks effortlessly
4️⃣ Automate processes without draining your braincells

This is what you will learn, practice, and embody when you join the

Delegate Like A Boss membership.

But that's not all! Besides getting all these perks, you also earn referral rewards
paid directly to your PayPal every month. 🎁
You achieve time freedom while enjoying PA$$IVE INCOME too!


Join us and scale your business with ease! See you inside...

What You Get Inside the Membership

Ten Days to Task Freedom Online Course

This step-by-step system is crafted to ease the overwhelm for those transitioning from solo entrepreneurs to team leaders. It's straightforward, accommodating even the busiest schedules and overflowing creative minds. You'll learn to organize effectively, laying the groundwork for scaling your business. Ideal for those on the cusp of hiring a virtual assistant or expanding their team, it offers practical strategies for managing your workload and preparing for growth. 🚀

The best part is, the system was BUILT BY VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS so we made it easy for your future team members to assume their post onto your operations too. This is exactly what you need to foster a long-term and fruitful relationship with your virtual assistant or team members. 💼

Estimated Value = $800
TDTF Course.png

Task Buster System

Cut through tasks with ease! This is a Google Sheet with superpowers, 🌟 magically making your tasks disappear from your list of things to do. We designed this to make task delegation easier with a task dump technique and a very easy task management workflow for you as the business owner. 🛠

Estimated Value = $200
Task Buster.png

8point8's Task Delegation Library

This is a compilation of instructions you can easily copy and paste for the most common tasks you will likely want to assign to your virtual assistant or team. This brings a wealth of tips and hacks at your fingertips.


Now, this isn't just another template library with theoretically-formulated techniques. 📘 These were designed with years of experience as virtual assistants, communicating with clients from all walks of business life.


Over time, we discovered that the most common reason VAs quit their clients is because they too become overwhelmed with the problematic projects and tasks thrown their way: one-liner instructions, task descriptions that lack guidelines, and project endorsements that only bring in more confusion.


This library is the fruit of years and years of mistakes made and clever workarounds that actually worked. We compiled it all FOR YOU to dive in. Basically, you can pick a suggested task from the library, 📝 copy the instructions, key in the required data, and send it to your VA or team for implementation.

Estimated Value = ♾️

invaluable lessons learned from 50+ years of accumulated experience in the virtual assistance, freelancing, and task outsourcing industry

TDTF Library.png

Delegate Like a Boss Monthly Masterclasses

Learn something new from Lisa's Task Delegation Masterclasses. Lisa Sabala, the founder of 8point8 Virtual Assistant Team and a virtual assistant and consultant for nearly 20 years, will be your task delegation sherpa, guiding you to scale the Mt. Everest of tasks for your growing business. 🗻✨


One new masterclass video will be shared every month!

Got a topic you want to suggest? Yes, fire away! 🔥 As we grow the masterclass library, we aim for the trainings to be relevant and up-to-date with the changing needs of coaches, content creators, and solo-preneurs like you.


Because we value our members in the Delegate Like a Boss Membership, we want YOU to be heard. As a member, you can submit your concerns and questions to the table, and we will transform those problems into a masterclass training video so you'll have them resolved for good.

Estimated Value = $2,000

Pocket Consultant Services
(Email Support)

Wouldn't it be cool to get direct answers for your questions from someone with actual industry experience? 🤔

Sure, you get info from social media, blog articles, and newsletters. But you know that your situation is different from everyone else's unique businesses too. So, what if you could shoot a message to our expert virtual assistants and get the answers you need? 💡

Trying to build an online course for weeks, and wondering if there's an easier, less stressful way of doing it? Ask away, and we'll answer. Got a project idea but not sure if it's realistic to implement? 🛠 Planning to buy an app but second-guessing if it has the features you need? 📱 Well, our team might have prior experience with the same struggles you are going through, so why not ask us first?! 🙋‍♂️ We're happy to share what we know so you can make an informed decision for your own business.

The best part is, all questions and answers collected over time will also be uploaded to the Delegate Like a Boss Membership Library. This is a Q & A library no AI can ever build. Last I checked, robots don't have actual battle experience to write about. You need human virtual assistants to actually tell you what it's like in the business operations battlefield ⚔️ so you can be prepared to attack your own task delegation and project fulfillment goals with confidence.

Estimated Value = Priceless💰

unless you can assign a value on the blood, sweat, and tears our team shed through the years of work we've acquired in our collective careers

Pocket Consultant.png
everyone in the pool.png

You get all of these at a low membership price

only $35 Monthly

Also available at $350 Yearly Membership Subscription (you get 2 months free)🎁

Be a Master Task Delegator!

The beauty of the Delegate Like a Boss Membership is the collaboration from the 20+ virtual assistants in the 8point8 team. You're not just getting help from Lisa, you also tap into the expertise of the writers, graphic designers, email funnel builders, landing page creators, social media managers, video editors, podcast editors, and project managers in our team.

Join us and be a member of the Delegate Like a Boss Membership.

But wait, there's more!✋

Do you want to turn this into a
Passive Income Opportunity?

Share the Love, Earn the Bucks 💰

Because we're soooo confident that you're going to love the Delegate Like a Boss membership program, we're sure you're going to want to tell your friends to join too, right? So, when your referrals sign up, you get...

$5 commission per new member
who signs up for the monthly subscription

$50 commission per new member
who signs up for the annual subscription

Easy Money with Just a Few Clicks 💸

So for
EXAMPLE, you can invite 100 friends, followers, or contacts to join the membership, that's a total of $500.00 commission for you! CASH! (Payouts via PayPal every month) 💸

Not bad, right?! But you might say, that's not really a lot after you get your payout for $500, isn't it? Now, you have to look for 100 more friends to keep earning, right?

WRONG!!! ❌

This is MORE THAN just a One-Time Deal 🤩

No, you won't just get your commission as a one-time payout. You get
Commission Payouts EVERY SINGLE MONTH for monthly subscriptions
and EVERY SINGLE YEAR for annual subscriptions.

You will enjoy your commission payouts for as long as your referrals' payment subscriptions stay active in the Delegate Like a Boss Membership.

Continuous Earnings, Continuous Benefits 🔄

Now, how do you like 'em dollars shoved into your PayPal pocket just for bringing your friends to the Delegate Like a Boss membership?

Your Network is Your Net Worth 💵

And keep imagining if you had more than 100 contacts - surely, your follower count is more than that - you'll receive more in commissions every single month! Even if only a small percentage of your followers follow your path to signing up with the Delegate Like a Boss Membership, that's still legit income in commissions!

Rake in Commission Revenue with Every Referral 📚

Besides the moolah you'll be raking from membership referrals to the Delegate Like a Boss membership, everyone who joins the membership benefits from the CORE PURPOSE of the membership that we built. We want to help anyone, any business owner, any overwhelmed, underpaid, overworked solo-preneur out there who didn't know they could actually diminish their to-do lists if they only knew how.

Apart from the PASSIVE INCOME you'll enjoy, we'll teach, train, and share trade secrets with YOU as a member of the Delegate Like a Boss Membership. 📚

The Delegate Like a Boss Membership is PERFECT for you if...

🚀 You're drowning in business tasks and dreaming of a realistic

and time-tested solution to delegate them

🤯 The thought of hiring a new team member or virtual assistant

has you in a panic, but you know it's time to level up

📈 You're eyeing that business growth but crave the simplicity

🌟 On the brink of expanding your dream team and

need the know-how to keep things smooth.

📚 Eager to soak up delegation secrets from

the veteran virtual assistant team at 8point8

💸 You don't mind earning passive income too just by

inviting your friends to join the Delegate Like a Boss Membership

This membership is more than guidance; it's a transformation. Designed for entrepreneurs not ready for full-time hires but eager for growth. It's about integrating support seamlessly, preparing you to lead with confidence -- while making money on the side from referral commissions. 😉

Streamline operations, focus on your strengths, and let delegation be your breakthrough. Join us and step into leadership with clarity by becoming part of the Delegate Like a Boss Membership with 8point8.

JOIN the Delegate Like a Boss Membership!

$350 ANNUAL Subscription
$35 Monthly Subscription
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