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Here's what some clients have to say...

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Jaclyn DiGregorio-Gallo

Working with the 8point8 team has been the BEST investment I’ve made in my business. They are a diverse team with a variety of skillsets from podcast production to web design, graphic design, copy writing, social media management, general admins tasks and more. Before working with 8point8, I often felt alone. I was discouraged by my never-ending to-do list and felt frustrated spending my time as the visionary of the company on tasks that were not in my zone of genius. 8point8 helped me delegate the tasks that do not need to be done by me (and often can be done better by someone else) to a reliable team. I feel so supported having a whole team of talented support behind me, no matter what direction I choose to go in my business next. 8point8 brings top level talent at an affordable price, which is incredibly important for a small business. Lisa is a pure joy to work with. I truly enjoy every second I spend speaking with her. I couldn’t recommend the 8point8 team enough!

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8point8 has literally been a blessing to my business. They offer quick turnaround on my social media needs, templates along with research. If you are looking to delegate tasks in your business, 8point8 team will help you with that so you can spend time on other tasks, spend more time with family and time for self care because they have taken the task off your plate.

Shayla Peterson, LCSW

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Jill Hughes

Wedding Planner Ireland

Lisa and her team at 8 Point 8 are what every small business needs! You have never come across a more supportive or efficient team. 8 Point 8 support you in those daily tasks that maybe need another eye and saves you hours of time that you can spend on other areas of your business. This team takes initiative and if they spot something that doesn’t work, not only will they tell you but will also fix it! How cool is that! Working with a super star VA team like 8 Point 8 frees you to work on direct client work that keeps your business running and making money. Thank you as always Lisa and co, Jill!

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Lisa is an amazing virtual assistant, she is always on top of things. Lisa is also an amazing, kind, inspiring mother seeing her work ethic and her business evolve over the past few months has been incredible to watch. Lisa has several skills and she is one of my favorite people to work with. If you need support with your business, Lisa is the first person I would recommend!

Caitlin Durning

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I was terrified to give up "control" on any of my projects. After the discovery call with Lisa, I knew what I needed to hand over but couldn't think of how I could even "take my hands off." Finally, as I was recording a reel hours after surgery, I heard a voice say, "I've brought you help, and you won't take it." Two weeks after my surgery, I signed up with 8 point 8 and what I have found is I'm not giving up control but being empowered to see my creativity flourish! Things are coming to pass! They are getting done!! I am thrilled, and I finally truly feel like a BOSS in my business!

Jessica Vann

InVision Counseling

Madison Surdyke

Working with Lisa and her team has been the greatest gift. I went through MANY VAs prior to working with Lisa and none of them worked out. I needed a VA who could do it ALL and most of the ones I found were only good at one thing, if that. I thought I’d never find the right fit for me until I found Lisa. Her and her team are INCREDIBLE. They can literally do ANYTHING. They have a “can do” attitude and are willing to go the extra mile to bring your vision to life. They communicate extremely well and are always looking to grow and improve. Lisa and her team are so dedicated to my success and it feels sooo amazing to have a whole team supporting me. I know that whatever I need, Lisa and her team will be there to help me make it happen. I am so thankful and grateful for their amazing support and work. It has truly changed my life and my business.

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LaTanya Tolan

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Coach, & Speaker

Lisa and the 8point8 team have made my life so much easier! I appreciate being able to delegate tasks that I no longer have the capacity or desire to complete. In addition, I appreciate that the team (My Team! 😊) also has so many additional skills that support various legs of my business!! It's exciting to give assignments and they already have tools to support the new assignments!! I LOVE 8point8!!! Thank you all SO SO SO much!!!

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Karin Carr

I am a solopreneur with a rapidly expanding business and I was having a hard time keeping up. I couldn’t do everything myself, so things were falling through the cracks. Then I found Lisa and everything changed.

I hired Lisa to help moderate my two Facebook groups and do some blogging/copywriting/graphic design. She blew me away with her skills! The ebooks and design elements she makes are not only gorgeous, they free up a ton of my time. Now I can focus on making sales instead of getting bogged down in things that are important and need to get done but don’t increase revenue for the business. Lisa helped me grow exponentially and I couldn’t have done it without her.

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Samiyrah Bennett

The 8.8 team has displayed nothing but professionalism and the ability to execute task efficiently. Having the team go above and beyond with each task, allows me to be so confident in my business. Organization, structure, professionalism and integrity are 4 of my core values in my business. Team 8 point 8 is in alignment with all of these values and more. The services are greatly appreciated!

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