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It's BACK!👏


The 8point8 Affiliate Program is designed to make it easy for you to recommend 8point8 to your friends, clients, contacts, and your followers. You might already be actively telling the world about our team and we appreciate your trust -- but we want to do one better. We want to turn your recommendations into



This is the

8point8 Affiliate Program


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You are sunshine! You are our hero!🦸
And now... you're about to get PASSIVE INCOME too.

Brace yourself because this is going to be the easiest way to get MONEY into your pocket$$$ and FREE service hours into your 8point8 account!

How It Works...


💰 Sign up for the 8point8 Affiliate Program if you want extra revenue just by sending referrals our way!


📣 Share to your followers about our virtual assistant team! You can post on social media, send DMs to your friends, or blast an email to your mailing list.


😎 When your referrals sign up for our Auto Pay Virtual Assistance Services at full price, you get a commission!

STEP 3.5

📫 When you bring referrals to our mailing list, you get FREEBIE virtual assistance service hours.


🌎 Keep telling the world about the 8point8 VA team and rake in your commission payouts and freebie service hours consistently.

Glasses and Notebook

Get Rewards Just by Referring!

For referrals who are
READY to lead a TEAM...

Tell your budding business leader friend to sign up for our Auto Pay Virtual Assistance Service Plans! When they sign up for any of the available service plans, you EARN a COMMISSION!


All you have to do is SHARE this LINK:

For referrals who are learning to
scale their business...

Sometimes, your referrals are just not ready to dish out dollars just yet so they can have a virtual assistant or a team. It can also be because they’re still trying to figure out how to scale their business.


So, why not open up the gates to our team’s resources so they can learn to scale faster? We regularly share helpful tips, resources, and checklists with your network.

All YOU have to do is send them our
which then adds them to the 8point8 MAILING LIST. 

So, for every 10 Successfully Confirmed New Subscribers you refer to the 8point8 Mailing List, you earn 1 FREE HOUR of virtual assistance services credited to your account.

How you get paid...

Upon sign-up as an affiliate, you will be asked to provide your PayPal account details. 💳

Then, on the 8th of every month, you will receive an email from us outlining your commission payouts and freebie service hours rewards accumulated from the previous month. 📧🎁

Your total payout will also be sent to you
every 8th of the month
. 💰

So use the power of your professional network and followers! The more you tell about 8point8, the more likely you're going to get commissions from your referrals and free service hours for subscribers who join our mailing list. 🗣️👥

This is a LEGIT passive income opportunity! So don't pass up on this chance to earn when you recommend 8point8 to your followers, friends, and colleagues. 🌟💸

Questions and Answers!

How do I know if my friend or referral signed up for an Auto Pay Monthly Service Plan?


When we onboard any client at 8point8, they are required to fill out an Online Onboarding Form. On that form, there is a field at the last part that asks them who recommended them to 8point8. When your friend/referral puts your name on the onboarding form, our team will then inform you that they signed up. Shortly after their payment clears, the affiliate commission will be added to your affiliate account for the given month.


How do I know how many of my referrals successfully joined the 8point8 Mailing List?


Every 8th of the month, you will receive an Affiliate Account report detailing your rewards, freebies, and commissions accumulated from the previous month. In it, we will indicate the names of the referrals that successfully signed up after being referred by you. If there are referrals who have not confirmed yet but they are in our system as pending subscribers waiting for confirmation, we will also include their names in the report that we send you. This way, you can decide whether you want to reach out to them personally or not.

Can anyone become an affiliate?


Unfortunately, no. Our affiliate program is by invitation only. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS PAGE WITH OTHERS. While it may be good business for us to have tons of referrals if we opened our affiliate program to just about anybody, we feel that it's not the right way to carry out our business. We want to be mindful that our team WILL HAVE the capacity to serve your referrals with the same quality and heart-felt care that we extended to current clients. So, we implore you to only recommend 8point8 if you feel that we deserve the recommendation to your friends or contacts and if they truly will benefit from our team's support just like you did. Once again, we thank you for your faith in our team. We hope we have contributed to your business positively. More power to you!

Do I have to be an active paying client at 8point8 to join the Affiliate program?


Not necessarily. While it’s more ideal for you to remain an active client to promote our team’s services effectively, we understand there may come a time when you no longer need our services. This could be because we’ve helped automate your operations or completed all projects in your docket. Thus, both current and former clients of 8point8 are eligible to join the Affiliate Program. However, if you are a former client without a currently active service plan, any free service hours accrued through your affiliate account cannot be awarded immediately. Don’t worry, your free service hours will be saved in your 'Affiliate piggybank,' so to speak. You can redeem your free service hours once you decide to renew or reactivate your client account with 8point8 in the future.


For how long can I be an affiliate to earn commissions and free service hours?


Your affiliation begins from the moment you submit and sign the Affiliate Program Agreement, marking you as an official affiliate. This status remains valid as long as the Agreement is active, either until our team decides to terminate the Agreement or you choose to withdraw for any reason. 

Can I use paid advertisement to resell our team's services and membership?


No. We hope you understand that we do not allow the mass marketing of our team's services and digital products using paid advertisement on search engines or social media such as Google Ads, Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads. Our goal with this affiliate program is to yield potential clients and members organically whenever you share about our team's services to your professional network.

Ready for Passive Income?

A simple referral from you can profoundly impact our team, much more than you might imagine 🌟. Often, our work as virtual assistants goes unnoticed, and understandably so, since businesses don't usually share their virtual assistant details. We're the silent operators behind their success, the unseen crew making things happen 🛠️, yet we wholeheartedly celebrate every client we've had the honor of serving. That includes YOU!


Thank you for your unwavering support 🙏. Now, it's our turn to reciprocate, and launching the 8point8 Affiliate Program is our way of giving back ❤️.

If you have any questions about the Affiliate Program, feel free to email us at or 📧.

Don't wait any longer! Sign up, make your referrals count, and watch the freebies and cash roll in 💸. We're grateful to have you with us 🎉.

Rooting for your success,

Lisa and the 8point8 Team

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