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Relationship Coach Portfolio

You Didn’t Become A Relationship Coach Just to Get Buried in your Business Tasks

Run your coaching business without the struggle! Let us help you establish your landing pages, your social media posts, podcasts and other marketing channels that’s as professional as you are – and that helps your clients know exactly what your business is about.

Business Support for Relationship Coaches

Today, most coaching clients start their search online. Are they finding you? 


If someone had a relationship problem with their spouse or partner, do they know you can help them? They probably will have a hard time finding so…so let’s leave breadcrumbs on social media, on your blog, in podcast episodes and everywhere else. When your potential clients find them, we’ll lead them to optin to your newsletter or better yet, let’s lead them to your calendar to book a call.

What tasks can you delegate to 8point8?

  • Create landing pages for your courses, lead magnets, and other promotions

  • Help you post consistently on social media

  • Build a contact list of Podcast shows or events where you can be interviewed as a guest expert

  • Prepare email newsletters to send out to your growing community

  • Manage your Facebook group and keep members engaged

  • …and so much more!

How to transform from solopreneur to Team LEADER and CEO

  • Discovery Call. We work together on defining what you want your relationship coaching website to look like and what you want it to do for your business. From there, we’ll create a system where it will be easy for you to turn over your business tasks to our team.

  • Project Management. With your goals in mind, we build and maintain a system of task delegation so you only have to think about “dropping” new tasks which our team will pick up and run with.

It’s that easy! 

A Glimpse into What You Can Have

Reclaim Your Time Freedom. Now that your business tasks are with our team, you finally have time to think about how to grow your business further. Do you realize how creative you can get when you’re not half-thinking about admin work? This is what CEOs do and spend their time well – building strategies to grow your business. 


You can now think of new courses to launch, maybe a paid membership for your community, or finally start that podcast you’ve been wanting to launch since 2 years ago. 


When you delegate your tasks to our team, you gain back your time. You can finally build more products or courses. Here’s a glimpse of what that might look like for you…

Are You Ready to Establish your Coaching Business Online? 

Help your potential coaching clients find you online. Building and maintaining your relationship coaching practice need not be stressful – you only have to find the right team to be in your corner.

If you think that’s 8point8,

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