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The easiest way to do something difficult is to let someone else do it for you.

How many hours in a day do you spend working on tiny tasks that are taking away your focus from the big picture? Wouldn't it be great if you can use that time to focus on more important matters instead?

If you believe so too, let's talk and see if we're a good fit to work together.

Services Menu

Creative Writing


Need to create content but don’t know what to say and how to say it? Maybe our writers can help! Whether you need SEO-friendly blog posts, social media content, email blasts, newsletters, landing page copy, or eBooks – we can turn your ideas into written content.

Graphic Design


Stand out from the crowd with stunning graphic designs! Let our graphic designers create beautiful marketing materials for your courses, products or coaching programs. Whether you need social media graphics, logo design, branded social media banners, educational infographics, promotional email campaign graphics, podcast thumbnails, or lead magnet PDF designs, we will work with you to bring your message and vision to life!

Facebook Group Community Management


Managing a growing Facebook group isn’t always easy. At times you’re going to struggle with keeping members engaged, other times, you’re just trying to keep trolls and bots from getting in. Managing your Facebook community can be difficult and time-consuming. This is where we’ll help! Let our VA team help you with scheduling, drafting, and creating graphics for your FB Groups; or if you need help approving and declining member requests (and monitoring members to ensure they’re following group rules), we’ve got your back!

Online Course Management


Are you an online course creator? If you need help with creating and managing your online course contents, graphics, and pipeline, our team is here! Let’s prepare your online course materials (workbooks, course guides, journal prompt sheets, checklist, and cheat sheets, etc.), edit instructional videos to have your branding elements, build web pages and sales pages for promotion, create and schedule email campaigns or sequences, and set-up pipelines!

Repurposing Content


Do you have long form content you want to turn into something else? Let's say you have 40-minute footage of yourself doing a key-note speech for an event. Did you know you can repurpose that long video into several IG Reels with subtitles, a couple of blog articles, at least 10 captions for social media, and more? You actually don't need to feel overwhelmed about making new content, you already have a library of videos, past blogs, past social media posts, podcast episodes and more. But when it comes to repurposing content, just thinking about it can make you sweat. We know it takes hours to do this and that's time you don't have. Guess what?! Our team has time and we're happy to take on this task for you. Bring it on!

Podcast Editing


So you’re a podcast host but you don’t have time to edit your weekly episodes? We hear ya! Say goodbye to pulling all-nighters just to finish editing your episode to publish the next day! You won’t have to assemble your podcast at the last minute anymore because with your 8point8  VA team, we offer audio file editing (removing glitches, static, long pauses, etc.), stitching full podcast episodes together, or uploading episodes to your podcast hosting site (Podbean, Libsyn, etc.) We don’t stop at just editing your audio either — we also generate the full episode transcript, prepare show notes for you, create promo graphics, prepare audiograms to share on social media, and more.

Landing Page Creation


Your landing pages play a vital role in marketing your course or coaching program. We also know that building landing pages is so time consuming. So, don’t go it alone when you have a team to help you turn your sales page ideas into clickable, fully-functional sales pages or landing pages. Not really sure what words to put on the page yet? Just give us your cliff notes or an outline of what you want to say about your coaching program or course. Our writers will take a shot at writing your sales page copy and then convert it into a landing page on your website.

Services Menu

How much will this cost?

With a Prepaid plan, you will be purchasing a bundle of hours that are consumable within a pre-determined number of months.

Prepaid Plan - 8.8 Pricing Scheme.png

Delegate your tasks to our VA team and have peace of mind knowing you will never overspend! No need to keep hiring and then sadly let go of your VA when you run out of tasks for the month. There's no need to pay a recurring retainer fee either. You simply pay in advance for VA work hours and use it up as the need arises.

If in the middle of the validity period, you've already used up all the prepaid hours that you purchased at the start of service, you can simply top up by purchasing more in increments of 10 hours to be consumed before the original validity period of your plan expires.


If your business has a steady stream of tasks daily, weekly, or monthly, this is a budget-friendly way to have easy access to reliable support. Your operations won't stop even if you decide to relax over the weekend or if you decide to take an impromptu vacay. Just drop tasks for our team and we'll help you set up the SOP to keep things running. We'll even manage your projects and tasks for you.

Bring our team into your business and start with a budget-friendly Prepaid Plan. You get everything that is listed in our service menu, a branded Trello board to manage your tasks and projects with us, and catch-up calls with Lisa available by appointment.

Finally, you can be the visionary CEO you've always wanted to be and have a production team behind you as you bring your business plans to life.

Service Limitations


We can't be everything for everyone and we feel it's best that we perform services within our capabilities. Our team currently does NOT have the tools and capacity for the following services:

  lead generation, dropshipping, FB ads or Google ads management, voice calls (answering calls and making outbound calls), calendar management, appointment setting services, data mining, mobile app development, domain name registration and redirection, photo manipulation, extensive photo editing, complex and specialized video footage editing (special effects), consultation for SEO (search engine optimization), SEO website auditing, custom website design, branding consultation

If a major requirement you have for hiring a VA is to do one of the tasks listed above, we highly encourage you to search for another service provider besides 8point8.

We guarantee you, somewhere out there is a VA or freelancer who can do a much better and more competent job than our team ever will. We believe there is enough business for EVERY ONE and we don't want to deprive another virtual assistant or freelancer out there the chance to work with you and fulfill your business' needs.

BUT, if you are a coach, course creator, podcaster, or entrepreneur who needs the services we CAN provide that are listed
HERE, let's talk!
We are excited with the opportunity to work with you.

Pink Food

We are a team of virtual assistants and writers who will help you run your business in any way we can and we keep our rates competitive without sacrificing quality.

You not only get one VA, but a team of VAs.
No need to screen hundreds of applicants, no need to go to job boards and post that you're hiring and getting a bazillion resumes to comb through - you can skip that part and relax.

Save yourself the trouble and work with 8point8!

With 8point8 in your corner, you have a team of Virtual Assistants to save you time, and to sincerely root for your success! One way or another, there is a solution for your needs so you can scale your business sooner than you think.

Helping You Succeed

When you're an online coach or entrepreneur, there's always a lot of things on your plate. The longer you take to get things done, the more it stacks up, leaving you buried under a pile. In the end, you feel tired and burnt out. Do you want to escape this stressful cycle?


If you answered YES, then having a Virtual Assistant team will make a significant difference!

We understand that every task on your to-do list has to be done — but you don't have to do it all on your own! We want you to regain your time so you can focus on what really matters.


So, what exactly can 8point8 help you with?

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