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5 Ways to Keep Your Business Running While You Take a Thanksgiving Break

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The thought of leaving your business while you take a holiday break can be daunting. Will things fall apart without you there? What if your staff can’t handle the workload? What if you miss important emails? What will happen to your social media accounts?

Thinking about leaving your business to a trusted staff member or a virtual assistant can be downright stressful. But, what’s the point of investing all this time and effort if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor? Taking a break allows you to reflect on what you’ve achieved. It allows you to spend some time with your family and get some much-needed rest.

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Running with a virtual assistant team during Thanksgiving

So, if you want to switch off of work and enjoy some time with family and friends, keep reading. You can keep your business running while you take a much-deserved Thanksgiving break. We've compiled different ways below:

1. Start planning early.

If you know you’ll be out on Thanksgiving, or during Christmas and New Year’s, plan for your vacation ahead. Let your clients know that you’ll be out. If they need any work done, tell them to inform you immediately so you can finish it early. Clear your plate of work so that you can take a vacation confident that you didn’t leave any tasks undone.

2. Contact your clients and customers in advance.

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Running with a virtual assistant during Thanksgiving

Your clients and customers are human too. They’ll understand your need for a bit of time off, especially during Thanksgiving. Contact them in advance so you can plan what they might need while you’re away. Make sure to set customers’ expectations too. Doing so won’t just help manage their expectations when you’re not around. It also shows them that you care enough to keep them updated.

3. Schedule what you can.

Take advantage of today’s technologies and schedule whatever you can in advance. There’s plenty of stuff you can manage without being near a computer. You can schedule social media posts, emails, and payments. This allows your business to run to a certain extent while you’re out on vacation. Automating key tasks allows you to confidently step away from your business without having to worry about work piling up.

4. Tie up loose ends.

Do you have meetings you’re supposed to attend? Bills due while you’re out? Client tasks to complete? Square everything away before taking your holiday break.

5. Delegate what you can.

Use this opportunity to give your team some extra responsibility. Don’t underestimate their capabilities. Let them show what they can do. Not only is this an encouraging step for your team, but it could also help your business in the long run. Talk with your team members and ask them how they could step up while you’re away. Asking for their input will help them feel valued and like you trust them to run the business.

No team yet? Find a virtual assistant team that can help you – and reach out to them early. Reaching out to a virtual assistant early on gives you enough time to train them how you want things done.

Relax – Your Business Will Be Okay

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Running with a virtual assistant for online coach during Thanksgiving

More than all the tactical aspects, this is the hardest thing for many business owners to think about. They’re convinced that their business will fall apart if they’re not there. But the truth is, your business will be okay. Whether you’re a solopreneur or have a capable team, everything will be good. You can relax now that your clients know you'll be out and you took care of their needs. You can also enjoy your time off when you delegate key tasks to trusted team members.

If you’re looking for an affordable virtual assistant, don’t hesitate to send us a message. With our help, you can enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving break.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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