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How to Keep Your Business Running During the Holidays

Updated: Apr 20

Holiday seasons are always marked on people’s calendars. The word alone sounds so inviting to take a day off, doesn't it? But... what are you going to do with your business by then?

Your desk is a bit messy with all the unfinished tasks. Not all clients are considerate enough to agree with deadline extensions. Most of them can’t make the holiday as an excuse. Phew, talk about hectic.

Well, don't worry too much about it! You can always ask for help from others. Here’s a list of some tasks you can delegate to your staff or virtual assistant:

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Sending Out a Notice for Office Closure

Sending out a notice for office closure, like any other announcements, is nothing but a side task. Yet, it’s important to keep your clients informed. Make this task easier for yourself by asking your staff to prepare a heartfelt message— and the graphics to go with it!

Hang in there, you're almost done. With the foundation in place, all that's left to be done are the following:

  • Create an email and send it to all your clients

  • Add a pop-up notice for your website

  • Post the notice to all your social media accounts

  • Schedule an automated “We’re back!” message to go live on the day you’re back to work

Once that's taken care of? You can start relaxing since your clients know you'll be out of the office by those dates. No more urgent tasks (for now, at least)!

Research and Content Planning

The holiday season is a time for rest and having fun. This means that most of your competitors are on break. And you know what? You can take advantage of this by spending your time on research and content planning!

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Wait a minute. Aren't the holidays supposed to be about having a break from work? Yes, we'll get to that part!

After you've jotted down your plans for next year and delegated them to your employees... you can sit back and relax on the holidays knowing that you're ready for the coming new year like a boss!

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