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Ways to Say “YOU ROCK!”: Virtual Assistant Christmas Gift Ideas

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Ah, the cool breeze of December is here! If somebody hasn’t greeted you yet, let us be the first to do so. Merry Christmas!

Who would have thought that we made it through another year all in virtual meetings, logins, and deadline submissions? But here we are, about to close the year, celebrating one virtual milestone at a time. Whew! Thank heavens for the perks of virtual work!

But if you’ve been in the online industry for quite some time, you would know that being with a reliable virtual assistant has made all these milestones possible. Right? Well, what do you think about doing the extra mile of appreciation? Aside from affirming the impressive outputs of your VA, why not say “You rock!” through these gift ideas?

1. Cash Gift

This would be the topmost recommendation because of the freedom it gives to the recipient. Giving cash is promoting the dignity of your VA to decide what they would want to have and enjoy this Christmas season. On top of that, it would also simplify your options to decide which would be the best item to give them. It’s both a win for you and your VA!

2. Stress Relievers

Not really saying that virtual work is stressful, but working virtually could bring challenges without the actual face-to-face interaction. After all, the saying no man is an island is not popular for nothing. Stress-relieving items would be great treats then! You could take your pick from aromatherapy oils, healthy snacks, and even sweet treats (ahem, Hershey’s).

3. Virtual Office Accessories

Another ideal Christmas gift items for your virtual assistant team are virtual office accessories. If you know them personally, you could also excite them with their chosen accessories in their favored color. Your options could range from laptop bags or cases, cord organizers, a pair of mouse and mouse pads, and even gift cards from their favorite electronics store.

4. Exercise Accessories

Virtual work may keep you and your team from doing regular exercises. So give them something that reminds them how important living a healthy lifestyle is even when we’re working from home. The top picks would be yoga mats, elastic bands, handheld weights, and even gift cards from their favorite sports apparel store.

5. Pet Care Supplies

Who else would be great home buddies if not our best fur-ends? If your VA has pets at home, nothing would be more delightful than to give something to their best pals. What do you think about cat or dog food, chewing toys, and grooming supplies? These would certainly be happy treats for both fur parents and their fur-ldren.

When it comes to giving, it’s been said that the thought counts more. While that is true, nothing is sweeter still than knowing that you have motivated your virtual assistant with your tangible giving. Let these recommendations paint a smile on their hearts reaching up to their faces. Then you could boldly challenge the new year, let’s bring it on!

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