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6 Wonderful Things That Will Happen When You Start Delegating Tasks To Your Virtual Assistant

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Did you know that as an entrepreneur, you have an amazing set of superpowers? One superpower that so many business owners often overlook is the power of delegation.

In case you missed it, delegation is a surefire way to level up as a leader and make an impact on others. But what really are the effects of this 'superpower'? 🤔

Here are the 6 wonderful effects of delegating like a boss:

1. Saves you time and money.

As an entrepreneur, you know well how time is precious. In business, wasting time means losing money. The amount of time you spend doing all the “small” works or something you aren’t good at only makes you less productive.

Save yourself from doing all the scut work and pass it to someone who's already an expert at the job. That way, you can save time and get to focus more on growing your business. You also save money from hiring full-time employees because you can hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) instead, especially when you only need that extra help for a certain project.

After delegation, you are now cleared off of some load, right? This will then allow you to enjoy more time with yourself, family, and friends— something you never had the chance to do when you were still flying solo in your business.

2. Improves quality of work and increases productivity.

Virtual Assistants have their own expertise. Some of these services include content writing, graphics design, administrative work, website building, and the list goes ON.

Say for example you're working on revamping your social media pages and looking for an upgrade on your graphics— you can easily pass that task to a VA who specializes in graphic design.

3. Makes you focus on the CORE of your business.

Once you are able to delegate non-core tasks to your VA, you can now just focus on the most crucial areas of your business.

4. Grows your business even while you’re sleeping.

One awesome benefit of having a VA is the fact they live in a different time zone. How is this awesome, you may ask? Think of it this way: your business is running even while you’re in the middle of your sleep!

5. Helps you grow your business.

Hiring a virtual assistant has proven so many times that your business can grow fast and hassle-free. Okay, but what do we mean by 'hassle-free?

First is, you save yourself from a time-consuming hiring process. Second, you save money from paying mandatory benefits. Lastly, virtual assistants are low-maintenance because they work remotely.

6. Improves your overall emotional and mental being.

By hiring a virtual assistant, you get an instant support system— not just for your business but for yourself, too. Your VA is always around the corner to back you up when you need to take a rest or get away from the stress.

When You’re Ready…

These are only a few of the many outcomes when you make use of your delegation superpower. Always remember that seeking help from others is not a burden, but rather a great weapon for you to grow your business and empower others.

You are indeed a superhero of your own but don’t forget that a superhero also needs a sidekick! Why do it all when you can delegate?

Ready to use your superpower? Book a call to see where 8point8 can help.


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