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I don't work 40 hours a week but 300 hours and it's awesome. read that again.

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

No honey, delegating tasks isn’t a strategy reserved for big businesses anymore. Listen, if the quality of your work is suffering because you’re struggling to keep up with your workload, don’t feel defeated just yet. Truth is, even the hardest-working entrepreneur can’t do everything on their own.

If you want to keep your business growing but are scared you’ll lose the entrepreneur spark in you, it’s high time you consider the idea of sending some services out of the house.

Still not raising the white flag? Check out why hiring VAs will benefit you:

1. Your Time Back

Probably VAs biggest selling point is helping you not only save time but also gain back your time. Yes, they are two very different things just so you know. Here’s how it works:

Virtual Assistants help you save time by eliminating monotonous tasks from your schedule. This includes every task that falls outside your core business activities or your skillset— like managing your private Facebook group, scheduling email campaigns, or creating promotional graphics for your new course.

Virtual Assistants help you gain your time back by allowing you to focus on activities that scale your business to the next level. VAs also help you focus back on significant things that are non-business related. The time you used to spend on doing recurring and time-consuming tasks can now turn into afternoon picnics with your family or finally getting your hair and nails done.

2. Maintaining Your ‘Lawn’

While business growth is typically a good thing, managing and sustaining that growth is a real challenge. Getting an extra set of hands to help you run the groundwork while your business is thriving is definitely one of the best investments you can make.

3. See The Bigger Picture!

Let’s say you already took the plunge and got yourself a VA (or a team of them 😉), right? Now, your first order of business should be to sit back like a boss and start concentrating on the bigger picture. You can now confidently shift your focus on the marketing and sales activities that are most essential to your business's long-term growth and success.

4. A+ Work Quality

One of the main reasons why most business owners hire VAs is to outsource tasks that are beyond their skillset. You may be a powerful content writer but you know graphic design isn’t anywhere your best suit. Listen, it’s okay and it’s actually an admirable thing to admit that to yourself.

Here’s an amazing fact about VAs: they have close to an infinite list of services you can choose from. Don’t jeopardize the quality of your work and your brand by forcing the unnatural. Delegate the tasks that are better off of your plate.

5. The Most Cost-Efficient Investment

Okay, you’ve been seriously thinking about growing your in-house team to help with the additional workload but you can’t seem to invest in full-time employees just yet. It’s really a common thing to deal with during business growth. Choosing to invest in VAs offers much more flexibility than hiring an employee.

Those additional workloads that your in-house team is struggling to keep up with can be best delegated to VAs. It allows you to get the work done more efficiently at a very low cost. In short, everybody wins!

6. You Get ‘Free’ Access To Top Tools

Did you know that when you hire a Virtual Assistant, you are not just getting his/her services? It may not be as obvious as the actual outputs you see, but VAs give your business access to top and up-to-date tools and software at no extra cost!

The VA team you hired has already invested in the technology needed to deliver the services you’re looking for. This saves your in-house team so much time and effort because your VA does not only have access to a particular tool or software but also knows how to actually use them. Again, everybody wins!

When You’re Ready...

You are amazing at what you do and nobody can deny that— but you can’t keep carrying everything on your back alone. Why only work 40 hours a week when you can do 300? 😉 You can always get a VA team who's ready to lend a hand and make that happen!

It’s time you start to realize the genuine potential having a VA team can bring to your business. Book a call to see where 8point8 can help.


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