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Are you ready for 2022? How Your Virtual Assistant Team can Help You Prep for Next Year

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

VA Team: Making Your 2022 Business Dreams a Reality

Ah! There you are, lounging on your beach chair, one leg crossed over the other, piña colada to your right, the soft afternoon breeze on your face, the fiery sunset highlighting your tanned glow, and your eyes closed, just taking in all the bliss of a much-deserved break. Then all of a sudden, your phone rang, a client called, and just like that, another beautiful daydream went down the drain.

Raise your hand if this looks so much like the pictures running in your head! 🙋🙋‍♂️ Come on! It’s going to be 2022 and is this still in your head?

What if I tell you that you could actually dare to make this a reality? Yes, you could book that long-awaited weekend trip while being peacefully aware that your podcast, vlog, or online course gets posted on schedule. 🤩

I know exactly how this feels because I have been the busiest bee before I established my own virtual assistant team. Thankfully, I was able to meet this pool of talented writers, graphic designers, video editors, and even administrative experts who always got my back especially when the business demands get so tight.

From my experience, let me tell you the three main things that my team of virtual assistants enabled me to do:

Work-Life Balance

Before I met my VA team, a 14-hour freelance shift was normal for me. Even when I was supposed to be sleeping, I would still manage to get out of bed to write an idea down whenever it crossed my mind. That’s how engaged I am in my business. Until I got to the point when I was no longer enjoying what I did, I realized things have to change. It dawned on me that I could never influence my clients to believe in the quality of my work when I don’t even have enough time to give myself a breather. That’s how the VA team was born. Because of this team, I’m now able to go on vacation without postponing a client project or delaying a deadline.

Automate and Delegate

This VA team also enables me to work on the nitty-gritty of my business while not sacrificing the mainline services. Each team member is also empowered to perform their respective expertise because we have built a system that makes it possible for a task to be completed even when another member is tied up with another deadline.

Empower Fellow Entrepreneurs

As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand how crucial it is to make our business afloat. But when I had my VA team, I have seen that I could help even more clients to be productive while still being able to enjoy my free time. This has truly empowered me and my clients to serve more, so I know you could try and see this for yourself, too!

Where do we go from here? 🤔👀

Whether you have identified your need for a virtual assistant for online coaches or remain undecided as to getting a VA at all, know that our team is able to customize services for you. You could check out our menu of options to decide if it’s the right time to tap the 8point8 VA team. At the end of the day, you can be at peace knowing that there is truly a way for you to earn productivity while enjoying personal free time. We could help you lay some options out when you 🤙 book a call 🤙 with us.

Hoping to hear from you soon! 😉

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