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Libsyn: Can It Be a Podcast Host for You?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Do you plan to build a brand, run a business, or establish yourself as a leader in your niche? Podcasts can be the key to jumpstart the engine of your success. And if we're talking about podcasts, we recommend that you look into this platform - Libsyn.

Libsyn The Podcast Host You Might Need

What is Libsyn?

Libsyn is an online platform that offers flexibility to podcasters. Through Libsyn, podcasters can deliver the kind of show they want.

Libsyn Podcast Host For You

Are you podcasting for a hobby? Are you producing a show with your virtual assistant for corporate purposes? It doesn't matter! Libsyn is your podcast home.

Libsyn doesn't only host your podcast episodes. It’s also in charge of distributing your episodes to other platforms. These platforms include Spotify, Apple podcast, Stitcher, and many more!

Pro of Using Libsyn

Let’s take a look at what Libsyn can offer based on these aspects:


Libsyn doesn't have a free plan. But, its paid plans have the cheapest starting price. For only $5 a month, you get 50MB monthly storage and access to all the other basic features of the platform. The other plans offer larger storage, paywalls, stats, and even a domain.

You might now think... Why should I go for a paid platform when there are free ones?

Libsyn A Platform for Podcast Hosting

Free platforms have storage and monetization limitations. Moreover, you won't have much control if the platform makes your show disappear. There's even a chance that you won't ever get your published content back.


Distribution is the biggest strength of the Libsyn platform. Upon publication, Libsyn will simultaneously publish your episode to multiple podcast hosting sites.


Consider monetization as a factor when choosing your podcasting platform. With Libsyn, monetizing your platform is easy.

Did you know that Libsyn has its very own advertising program? In this program, you have full control over your advertising campaigns. You can decide whether you’ll work with Libsyn’s advertisers or if you’re bringing your own. As long as you meet Libsyn’s monetization requirements, you can earn an income from your show.

Embeddable Player

Want to add your podcast to your website? Embeddable players make it easier for you to reach your targeted audience. With Libsyn's embeddable player, you can choose whether to embed the whole show or a single episode. You can even customize the player to fit your branding!


As long as you’ve already prepared your podcast audio and show notes, publishing your episode is a breeze. You can even ask your virtual assistant to do it on your behalf!


Not a fan of Libsyn? If you’re still on the fence about this app, here are other platforms that can serve as an alternative for you:

The Bottomline

Podcasters who don't have a budget to work with can start with a free podcasting platform. But if you can work out at least a $5- to $15-budget, choosing Libsyn as your podcasting platform should be worth the money.

Libsyn is one of the platforms our virtual assistant team is familiar with! If you need help with your podcast or working with Libsyn, send us a message. :)

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