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WeVideo Review: Is It Worth It?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Are you thinking about creating a marketing video or video course for your business? You may come across WeVideo. It is among the top recommendations of most video editors. Any virtual assistant for social media most likely knows what it brings to the table.

What is WeVideo?

WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing software that supports different media file formats. It allows users to create, capture, edit, and share high-resolution videos.

WeVideo Pros and Cons for Your Virtual Assistant Team
WeVideo Pros and Cons for Your Virtual Assistant Team

Now, let’s talk about the benefits and drawbacks of using WeVideo for your project videos.

The Pros

1. Edit your videos online

No download is necessary to start editing your videos. So, you save storage space on your computer. All you have to do is create an account on their website and start editing!

2. Multiple formats and devices supported

WeVideo supports any file format. Whether you are working on audios, videos, or images, editing the content is easy.

It also supports multiple devices. It works on Mac and Windows and has mobile versions for both Android and iPhone.

3. Huge selection of stock photos, sounds, and transitions

WeVideo has a huge library of 100,000+ photos, video clips, and music clips you can add to your project video!

4. Free and paid versions

If you are just starting out on your video creation journey, you can choose the free plan. Sign up for free and start editing.

If you want to use more features, choose the paid versions; Power Plan, Unlimited Plan, and Business Plan. They have their own sets of features at different price points billed either monthly or annually.

Working with a virtual assistant for online coaches? Consider the team license in the Business Plan. With it, you and the VA can use WeVideo at the same time.

WeVideo for a Virtual Assistant for Online Coaches
WeVideo for a Virtual Assistant for Online Coaches

The Cons

1. Internet speeds affect the length of time to edit videos

A cloud-based software like WeVideo needs the Internet for processing raw videos. This can be a huge drawback if your Internet service is unreliable. Low upload speeds mean uploading the raw videos can take hours. You can’t start editing until the uploads are complete.

2. Limited presentation formats for project videos

As of this time, Wevideo can only produce videos in 3 presentation formats. These are the horizontal (16:9), vertical (9:16), and square formats. It doesn’t have any available options for 3:2, 4:3, or 4:5, among others.

3. Watermark for the free plan

For free plan users, expect to have a watermark on your project video. To remove it, you either need to upgrade to a paid version or pay for a one-time use of the watermarked file.

Our Rating - Highly Recommended!

WeVideo Rating for Your Virtual Assistant Team
WeVideo Rating for Your Virtual Assistant Team

User Interface

The user interface is understandable and straightforward. You can manage to navigate through the tool easily.

Ease of Utilization

WeVideo is easy to use! Just click on the buttons and you’re ready to go!


With its design, WeVideo is like any other editing software. You have media files on the top left, preview screen on the top right, and the timeline at the bottom.

Final Verdict

Weighing the pros and cons, WeVideo is a good video editing software to use. It is a good tool for both newbie and professional editors alike!

Our virtual assistant team uses WeVideo for our clients’ projects. And we are getting great results and feedback!

If you are ready to test the waters with video creation, WeVideo is highly recommended. If you need help with creating your videos, schedule a discovery call with me here:

So, what's your verdict on the pros and cons of using WeVideo? Is it something you believe can help you with your video editing woes? Or are you still skeptical about it? Whatever your thoughts are, there's nothing to lose if you try the app for free and see if it's the perfect fit for you! Do you want to get more creative with video editing and try it now?

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