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5 Helpful Tips to Successfully Launch Your Podcast

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Did someone tell you that you need to start building your podcast now? If not, here’s the sign you’ve been looking for!

Why would you start a podcast, you ask? It can persuade more clients in the future. Indicated by recent podcast statistics, 144 million Americans tune in to podcasts. Podcasts are available globally, and you could reach an international audience.

If you’re planning to start a podcast, we’ve compiled five actionable tips for you to consider:

1) Find your niche

Overwhelmed by the number of topics you can cover? To start, you should find your niche first. Even popular podcasts aren’t for everybody – and that’s okay! Work on persuading your core target audience into listening to your podcast. After building your brand, it’s time to broaden your audience.

2) Create an outline

Recording out of impulse doesn’t work for everyone. Consistency is the key! With a prepared outline, you can avoid getting lost for words or rambling your way through the recording. You want to attract more audiences, not scoot them off. Create an outline as a guide; the listeners will hear the effort exerted to organize it. Not only that, but it will also help you save time editing the audio file. The ideal length is 22 minutes, and you should post weekly.

3) Equipment needed

Of course, how can you start if you lack the equipment needed to produce a podcast? We compiled recommendations with a fair price point!

You will need a microphone to create good quality sound. Our recommendation? The Samson Q1U Dynamic for sure!

A pop filter reduces the clicking noise your mouth makes. It helps to cancel out unnecessary noise, and your listeners will hear what you have to say.

Software for audio recording and editing is very convenient. For this one, we refuse to recommend anything. Use whichever software you are comfortable with!

Software crashes during the time you’re recording is very stressful. A digital recorder will be reliable at times like that. It’s also flexible because you can record audios with a Zoom H1N wherever you are!

Social Media and Audience Management are overwhelming, especially when your audience is thriving. The use of tools such as Bonjoro and SmarterQueue will help you!

4) Basic editing

Audio editing tools help you enhance your files to produce the best quality recording streamed online. Aside from that, you also need to learn the basics of graphic design. Marketing your podcast is essential to help with your engagements. Familiarizing yourself can take a lot of your time. If your time matters to you the most, you can consider hiring an affordable virtual assistant to do this.

5) Get personal

Let your vulnerable side show through your podcast. Showing your personality to your audience is essential. You are a human being, and being relatable is a factor to consider. Deepen your connection with each other, and your listeners will see you as an honest podcaster. That connection will produce more engagements and will attract more potential audience.


That’s a wrap! Do you think working 24/7 for a podcast won’t be enough? Well, an efficient virtual assistant team can help you do mundane tasks.

You can get the help of an 8point8 virtual assistant, so you’ll have more time doing more important tasks! What are you waiting for? Contact us now, so we could help grow your business.

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