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Graphic Design Trends for 2022

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Whether you specialize in graphic design or not, one thing’s for sure: graphic design skills are useful for virtual assistants. You’ll get a range of different clients and we’re sure most (if not all) of them at least need a logo for their business. That’s when you’ll need those graphic design skills.

Now that we’ve welcomed a new year, we’ve also welcomed new trends for this year. Let’s take a look at the newest trends for graphic design this 2022.

2D/3D Mashups

2022 is a great year for experimentation, especially in graphic design. 2D is a great element on its own, but what happens if we add in a good bit of 3D? Magic happens, that's what! A 3D background on 2D cutout elements brings a magical vibe to the design. It gives hyper-realistic visuals on any design you make! Experience the best of both worlds with 2D/3D mashup.

It works well for web design, animations, or just plain illustrations. If you’re a virtual assistant for online coaches, you can spice up your client’s PDF courses with a mix of 2D and 3D. It makes for very entertaining presentations as well. Also, it’s never boring.

Fonts With a Twist

Spice up your fonts with this new trend that’ll surely take the design world by storm. This trend is very useful for typography. By switching up font styles in a single word or sentence, you’ll be able to add emphasis to the graphic. You can switch up your font styles by either changing the patterns of each letter or changing up the way it should be read. For example, having the letters stacked together in a horizontal pile. You can also use shapes, illustrations, or pictures as fonts. Not only does this spice up your design, but it also adds a beautiful twist to it. The “Squid Game” movie graphic is a perfect example.

You can apply this to titles, logos, or even presentations. Be creative and play around with many styles!

Glass and Crystals

Glass and crystals aren’t the usual when creating a design. Especially when you’re trying to create a logo or a book cover. But these elements may make your design extraordinary --we’re talking out of this world extraordinary.

Bring your graphic design to the next level by introducing a futuristic feel through glass and crystals. Make your designs pop by highlighting glass or crystal elements in 3D. Highlighting transparent crystals with vibrant colors gives off that realistic technological vibe. You will surely feel like one of those characters in sci-fi films. These techniques are mostly used by phone manufacturers in promoting their new products. But come 2022, it’ll definitely not just be for phones.

These trends will definitely add that extra flavor to the graphic design scene. It’ll definitely come in handy for you and for your client.

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