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8 Keys to Having a Successful Client-VA Relationship

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

When you finally decided to hire a virtual assistant, it’s certain that a heavyweight was lifted off your shoulders. Isn’t that one of the best feelings ever? You have more time for your other interests and less time to worry about your business.

But on the other side of the coin, your virtual assistant also needs some TLC from you. More than anything, you’re working together as a team to make work more efficient.

We’ve compiled a list for you to check whether your Client-VA relationship is on point. This is what a successful and healthy relationship with your virtual assistant looks like.

1. You communicate regularly and effectively

When assigning a task, be clear with giving instructions. Tell them what output you want to see and how you want it to be done. Better to over-communicate than to have said nothing at all. Be straightforward. Also, keep your doors open for any questions they want to ask and whether they want any clarification.

2. You build a friendship with them

Nothing too personal—just enough that would give them the assurance that you’re not a crazy client. Ask them how they’re doing. Know what sparks their interests. To be able to work efficiently as a team, you must get acquainted!

3. You take time to know their strengths and weaknesses

Have you noticed a task that your VA is particularly good at? Or is there something they’ve done that you absolutely hated? Bank on your VA’s strengths and train them on their weaknesses. Never hurts to help them learn something new every day!

4. You know what you want

Suppose you’re handed a finished output but you’re not completely satisfied with it… You feel like something’s missing or a little too over the top. At the outset, you must be able to envision what you want out of a certain project. That’s why it helps to give clear instructions for that vision to be realized.

5. You have set some boundaries

Just like you, VAs also need a lot of rest. During their days off, tell them they don’t need to reply to you unless it’s completely necessary. And it works for you, too! When you’re out and about, you don’t want to think of work for a while. That’s why you have a virtual assistant team to get the job done for you!

6. You give them the support they need

Let them know that you’re there to work as a team. You’re working to achieve your goals together! Remind them to take breaks and days off. Tell them you appreciate their hard work. Give them the extra ‘push’ they need to keep going!

7. You allow room for growth and improvement

Mistakes are almost inevitable when you’re at work or in business. That’s why when working with a team or a partner, allow them to grow by learning from their mistakes. Whether it’s a badly edited graphic or a missed-out auditing mark, tell your VA what you think and how they can better it.

8. You acknowledge them as a person

You are workmates, colleagues, friends. Treat them with respect. They have other things to deal with, too. That’s why it is vital that you recognize and honor their hard work. Maintain a healthy and friendly vibe as you’re working towards your dreams!

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the demands of business and work. But when you have people to rely on, you realize that you’re not alone in achieving your goals—you have a whole team supporting you all the way!

If you’re ever in the search for a reliable and affordable virtual assistant team, keep all these tips in mind and you’ll reach far in your business. It’s important to keep a nurturing relationship and a healthy working atmosphere for the people who are dedicated to helping you get to your goals.

With that, you get to say goodbye to stress and hello to happiness!

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