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5 Useful Tools Every VA Needs

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Working as a virtual assistant has its perks. Working at the comforts of your home, having flexible hours, and a stable income. However, it’s not that easy either and like any job, it comes with its own challenges. Thankfully, there are tools that make every VA’s life easier!

Below, we list down 5 useful tools that every virtual assistant needs.

1. Trello

The ultimate project management tool that every virtual assistant ought to have. It’s perfect for a virtual assistant team since it’s easy to delegate tasks through individual Trello columns. Plus! You can make different Trello boards for each client you have as well as each department on your team. Saves you time going through lists for your tasks and it helps you organize client information. You can also communicate with your clients through Trello task cards. Best part? It’s FREE. It’s definitely a must-have tool!

2. Buffer

Have a client who’s always active on social media? Buffer is for you! It lets you schedule a month’s worth of posts and content at a time so you won’t have to manually post right on schedule those graphics and contents you’ve made for your clients. The first 3 social media accounts are for free so you can definitely get a headstart with a smaller client circle. It helps if you’re a solo VA with only one or two clients. But if you have more and would need a paid subscription, you may need to bump up your rate for that. It’s worth the price though!

3. Canva

Specializing in graphic design? Do clients want their brand logo or graphic content? Whether you’re a virtual assistant for online coaches, or for fitness coaches, Canva is definitely for you! It helps you organize a brand kit for each of your clients. You can save them on folders and keep track of the content you’ve made for every client. It’s pretty easy to use as well. The free version has all the features you would need. But if you need to go premium, you’ll have no problem with the subscription as it’s affordable and worth your penny!

4. Freshbooks

This is a great accounting and financial tool. It lets you manage your finances and compute the total amount you’d need to charge your client. Their time tracker feature comes in handy if you’re charging an hourly rate to your client. It keeps track of how many hours you’ve spent on a task so you don’t undersell or oversell yourself. At the end of the month, you can file together the data you’ve gathered into an invoice for you to send to your client. It’s efficient, organized, and saves you time! Your clients will definitely love a well-organized invoice that gives accurate details on their bill. It’s not free but definitely worth it.

5. Slack

Slack is a great communication tool if you have a virtual assistant team. It serves as the internal communication for team members. You can also communicate with your clients via Slack. There are different channels you can create through Slack that help you organize your team as well. And it’s all free!

Being a VA is hard work, but these tools would definitely help you through any tasks you’re working on.

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