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Never feel overwhelmed again!

Our team will consistently handle your tasks so you can scale your business Like a BOSS 😎

Enjoying a Coffee

Do you ever find yourself constantly saying, "I'm so busy"?

Imagine if instead, you could confidently declare, "What should I do with all this free time?"

That's the transformation our clients experience with the 8point8 team of Virtual Assistants.

As soon as you sign up, you get access to a FULL team of virtual assistants who specialize in various tasks. You get ALL of us at once!

What our virtual assistant team will do for you...

📝 Creative Writing
🎨 Graphic Design
📘 Facebook Group Management
🌐 Social Media Support
📰 Article or Blog Writing
🎓 Online Course Management
🔄 Content Repurposing
📧 Email Campaign Scheduling
🎙️ Podcast Editing
🚀 Landing or Sales Page Creation
📊 General Admin & Exploratory Tasks

Besides taking business tasks off your plate, you'll have our team of 20+ virtual assistants at the ready. The only thing left to do is DECIDE to finally scale your business by hiring an instant team.

Lisa Sabala the founder of 8Point* Virtual Assistant Team
Hi there!
I'm Lisa Sabala.

Are you here because someone you trust told you about the 8point8 virtual assistant team? Or did you stumble on one of our YouTube videos when you were feeling overworked and overwhelmed running your small business or coaching practice alone?


Well, whatever the case, I'm glad you're here. Our virtual assistant team helps coaches, course creators, podcasters, and solopreneurs to manage their time more efficiently and maximize productivity.


And here's the best part... you won't just be working with me, you'll have access to a team of 20+ virtual assistants, each specializing in tasks that you probably have no time to do yourself anymore. Isn't it great to have an instant team who can simultaneously work on graphics, video editing, content writing, email marketing, course building and beyond? That's exactly what you'll have when 8point8 becomes YOUR team.

Want to know who you'll be working with?

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They're talking about us...

Learn HOW to Get Rid of Task Overload!

Download this FREE guide to get rid of indecision and overwhelm. This is your first step to taking action TODAY!

Where should we send your FREE guide?

We will never share your information. We hate spam too.

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You are one click away from having your INSTANT TEAM of Virtual Assistants!

Enjoy continuous access to our virtual assistant team without the hassle of manual payments. Here's what you get:

🌟 Instant Access to ALL of our our Team's Services
🗓️ Uninterrupted Virtual Assistance Service Month After Month

📅 Optional Catch-Up Calls Weekly or Monthly (depending on your preference)
😎 Automatic FREE Enrollment to our
TEN DAYS to Task Freedom Course
📋 FREE Custom Trello Board to manage your tasks and projects

📞 FREE Onboarding Call with Lisa to strategize your task load turnover

Affordable rates range from 14-25 USD per hour.
Choose from four levels tailored to your productivity needs!


Read up on tips to delegate tasks more confidently...

Dear overworked CEO,
you don't have to work solo anymore...

When you feel overwhelmed by a sea of tasks, do you wish you had someone diving into the water with you? And when you reach your goals or hit that revenue target, who would you want to celebrate with?
We see you putting in the hard work, digging trenches day in and day out. Now, picture having more hands on deck. The digging would be faster and way less stressful, thanks to your dedicated 8point8 team members who are...

Ready to hit the ground running
Got a backlog weighing you down? Just send it over to our team. Struggling with organizing recurring tasks? We've got you covered with SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Unsure about solving a persistent problem? Assign an exploratory task to us. Chances are, those tasks on your plate are things we've mastered before. Your part? Simply delegate to our team.
Pre-Trained & Self-Managing
Absolutely! Since we're already a cohesive team, there's no need for you to babysit us. Just drop a task, give us a deadline, and watch us get to work. Multiple tasks? No sweat! Our team supervisors and client communications staff will keep everything organized. Plus, we'll set up the task management workspace (Trello) at no extra charge.

Communicative and Cooperative
Unfinished projects bug us as much as they do you. When you give us a task, we explore every avenue to get it done on time. We're committed to keeping you updated with progress reports, ensuring transparency. As you lead, we follow through. Now, envision yourself as the CEO leading the way to success in your business, not drowning in admin tasks.

Accountable — just like you!
We get it. Sometimes, you're so swamped that dream projects take a back seat. Who will remind you of your goals when you're buried in tasks? That's where our team steps in. Expect us to poke and follow up on actionable items that only you can fulfill. Your dreams are your responsibility, and the time to act is NOW. With our team backing you up, you'll achieve those dreams faster and with less stress.

Let's build your business empire!

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