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Work with a team of
Virtual Assistants at 8point8

If you're like most entrepreneurs or online coaches, you probably have a long to-do list crowding your schedule every day. Those tiny tasks can add up and they'll become a big problem if you don't take care of them sooner than later.

But, did you know you can finally stop procrastinating and get more work done faster when you delegate a chunk of your tasks to a Virtual Assistant at 8point8?

Imagine how you'd feel so much better when you have a team to back you up in your business.



Virtual Assistance Prepaid Plans

Hourly Rate

From repurposing content, blog writing, social media, to admin tasks, you get the support you need to free up your time and focus on what matters most in your business.

Super Sidekick 1:1 Consulting

Monthly Booking Starting Rate

If you know "WHAT" you want to achieve, but not sure on the "HOW", hire a super sidekick to support you. This is a 1:1 Consulting service with Lisa.

One-Time Consultation Call

60 Minutes Zoom Call

Book your call with Lisa and pick her brain to get realistic advice from a Veteran Virtual Assistant and Success Sidekick for Online Coaches and Course Creators!

Delegate Like a Boss | Group Training

60 Minutes Live Virtual Presentation

Do you run a Group Coaching Program or Mastermind? Let's have your exclusive live video training to gain insights on how to delegate tasks effectively and maximize productivity.

Productivity Rush VIP Day

One-Time Service

Have you ever dreamed of building your course or working on a project while you sleep? Yes, it's possible! Book 8point8 to tackle your task backlog with ease - IN JUST ONE DAY!

Delegate Like a Boss | Online Course

6 Months Access

Practical strategies for identifying tasks to hand off, communicating expectations to your team, and leveraging apps/tools for better collaboration. Learn how to be a BOSS!

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Hi there! I'm Lisa Sabala.

I love helping coaches, course creators, podcasters, and entrepreneurs to manage their time more efficiently and maximize productivity.

And here's the best part... you won't just be working with me, you're going to work with a team of virtual assistants. You get an instant team!

At 8point8, we want you to spend less time doing tiresome repetitive tasks so that you can have more time to focus on growing your business. With our help, you get personalized virtual assistance such as writing and scheduling your social media feeds, managing and posting blogs, graphic design, creating online courses, video editing, and other similar tasks.



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