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BUSYNESS: Is it a friend or foe?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

So much to do yet too little time to do them! Has this also been your complaint as of late? And then, just when you have a deadline to beat, your family member begs you to go have dinner with them! Yes, that just hits close to home.

Entrepreneurs, solo or a company, always find themselves in this kind of dilemma. They even make the worst guilt-trippers every time they beat their own backs. If this begins to sound like your story, direct the ending now. Make it a happy conclusion. Know that the seconds you spend mulling over these could have been redeemed for more productivity.

Well, you’re busy. Let’s face it. But it’s a crucial step to your journey towards success. After all, there are only two types of busyness: being busy at something or busy doing nothing. Know that you’ve made the right choice. The good thing is that your busyness is only temporary. Very soon, you will gather yourself a virtual assistant team who will be your second, third, or fourth hands to accomplish all your tasks. For now, let it just be a great start to something new.

Now, what to do with busyness? Come to think of it. No matter how we go around this area, being busy could STILL get the best of us at times. So, how do you make the busy bee let it be?

Here are checkboxes you could tick to manage – and enjoy – your busy day:

Write that list

Creating to-do lists could be such a cliché, but it has never run out of effectiveness. Before starting your day, or even the night before, prepare that notepad of your to-do list. Every checked item in that list is a celebration worth relishing!

Budget your time

It’s just like what they said, time is money. See to it that you have allotted the right amount of time in your day’s schedule to the appropriate goal. Know what your priorities are because these would be the center of your day’s clockwork.

Delegate your tasks

Truth be told, some of the tasks assigned to you could be done by others in a more creative and excellent manner. Never hesitate to delegate when it comes to it. For your growing business, getting yourself a virtual assistant team could lessen your burden in leaps and bounds.

Chill and cheers

Most important of all, set aside time to get a break. Your whole body needs it. Surprisingly, only when you’re able to rest from a busy week can you regain better strength to get going. And if you’re working with talented and affordable virtual assistants, this rest is even more rewarding.

What now?

There is always a pain in hard work. The real taste of victory is sweetest after surpassing the most painful ordeal. If you’re working hard now, that’s only because you’re on a path to your sweetest victory. Let your busyness work towards your betterment. After all, busyness is a sign of progress. And when you’re ready to expand your wings, Book a call to see where 8point8 can help.


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Because, if you didn't turn the wheels in your business, who will?

Your free time must be disappearing as you work on email backlogs, unanswered social media DMs, video/podcast editing, client onboarding, and a BAZILLION other tasks you hardly have time for.😢

This is usually what happens when you have no team to back you up.

You probably had a solo virtual assistant in the past, but it didn't work out because you didn't have a task delegation system yet.

Maybe your virtual assistant needed you to train them, but you just didn't have the time and the mood for hand holding. You need someone who can hit the ground running!

Or, it could be that you did find an amazing virtual assistant, but they couldn't take up the huge load of work. It was too much for one person to handle.

So they quit on you, and now you're back to square one. 😭

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It's important for you to know that

this is NOT your fault. 🙅

You are just trying to build your business empire. 💰

Because you've had so much business coming in, your task load is also growing at a rate
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