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8 Things to Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving 2021

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Thanksgiving at 8point8: The 8 Things We're Thankful For

Before Christmas and the New Year roll in, we have Thanksgiving. It’s the one time of the year when we can look back on the things that we have that we’re thankful for. It could be anything; material things, loved ones, or even that increase in your business revenue. Whatever it is, we take this time to be thankful over dinner and the time-honored roasted turkey.

With that being said, 8point8 has a few things that we’re grateful for. Well, mainly 8 things:

1. Having a job where we help clients run their businesses.

In this pandemic, jobs are hard to come by and many are losing their jobs still. So, we’re really grateful that we’re here and thriving! Helping clients run their businesses has been a blessing for us. To all our clients, a solid thank you to you all!

2. Receiving both good feedback and constructive criticisms for our work.

Of course, no one is perfect and our virtual assistant team is just human. Mishaps and miscommunications happen but our clients have always been soooo gracious to guide us in the right direction. Receiving feedback and criticisms also help us improve our skills.

3. Having a steady livelihood. In this time of uncertainty,

we never know where we will end up. This is why we’re thankful that even amidst the pandemic, we’re still employed with a steady income.

4. Getting referrals from happy clients.

We love all our clients. And in turn, they love us too! It never fails to warm our hearts when we hear the story of how our potential clients found us through referrals from our long-time clients. It’s such a joy to know that we’re being appreciated and our services are reaching new ears.

5. Having teammates who are the absolute best! Solo VA's don't get the camaraderie that our team benefits from.

At 8point8, we’re not just a team; we’re a family. And that’s the best thing about our setup. No virtual assistant is really alone in this team. We’re all here for each other. This VA team is as good as home.

6. Working remotely in the comfort of our home.

When the pandemic hit, just being outside can put your life at risk. So, some people prefer not to go out at all or only when necessary. This definitely hampers on some of our plans. But thankfully, 8point8 members have the privilege to work remotely. This means we’re serving clients from around the world inside the comforts of our own homes. It’s a blessing we don’t take lightly and we’re forever grateful for.

7. Waking up to a bright morning.

It may not be much to many, but every day is a struggle and being able to get through the day is already a huge feat in itself. So we’re thankful for each day that passes.

8. The good things we hear about 8point8 from our clients.

Just recently, we’ve had a huge amount of clients booking discovery calls and booking our services. And it’s all because of our current clients giving in a good word or two for us. No amount of words can describe how thankful we are for this blessing.

Thanksgiving should not just be the season when we’ll be grateful. You can be grateful for little blessings all throughout the year.

What about you? What are you thankful for?

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