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Thanksgiving Talk: 7 Exciting Topics for Social Media Posts

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching and I am already feeling exhausted. How hard can it really be to simply enjoy these moments without getting distracted by a client meeting or deciding for the next item to engage my followers?

Is this your sentiment lately? Now before you hit that panic button, let me tell you that if you’re waiting for THE sign, this is it! You could really use some spare brains and talent ASAP.

Busy entrepreneurs like you need to always reconnect with your audience on a regular basis. After all, the reason that social media is born is to reconnect with people. But how do you do that when even conceptualizing content can no longer be squeezed in your brain due to the piled-up tasks you’re facing?

Not a difficult question to answer if you have a virtual assistant team working behind the scenes. If you have this team of extra brains, hands, and mouth, not only will you get to engage your audience, you could also truly enjoy Thanksgiving Day the way you want to.

For the moment, let’s do this! if you’re running out of ideas for social media content on Thanksgiving Day, here are seven recommendations for you.

1. How-To’s for Thanksgiving

The DIY (do-it-yourself) posts are very attractive because they give freedom for our followers to innovate. Just dig right into the actual Thanksgiving event. Sample topics would be how to cook a turkey, how to decorate your home, or how to style up the dinner table.

2. Thanksgiving Trivia

As this is a happy occasion, reading about fun facts and trivia surrounding Thanksgiving Day could get your audience informed and entertained at the same time.

3. Offers on Thanksgiving Deals

If you do provide services or sell actual products, why not set discounts or special offers for your loyal followers? Once they get wind of it in your social media account, you might just end up on the trending list.

4. Black Friday Tips

Since this is closely associated with Thanksgiving Day, talk about practical tips on shopping safely, saving money, or spending enough for the Black Friday deals. As someone they follow, you have the sense of responsibility to teach essential aspects in life.

5. Thank You Post

You should definitely post a thank you message to your audience. You need to affirm how crucial their contribution is to the growth of your business.

6. Inspiring Thanksgiving Day Message

In contrast to recommendation #5, this is focused more on what makes Thanksgiving Day inspiring for you or why your audience should be thankful.

7. CTA (Call to Action): What are You Thankful For?

Invite your audience to also share their thoughts. Post a poll or gather their insights. Invite them to share their answers to your questions in the comment box. You would be delighted with the varied mindsets while getting your followers engaged.

What do you say about these recommendations? Well, here’s the thing. If you do actually work with a virtual assistant for social media, you would have someone to do this legwork – and more - so you could focus on really enjoying this occasion with your family and friends. How fantastic is that!

If you’re interested to check out your end of the bargain in getting an affordable virtual assistant team, Book a call with 8Point8 today. Hear from you soon! Happy Thanksgiving!


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