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Working on the Weekend? Here are Some Do's and Dont's

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

After a week’s worth of work, we can't help but look forward to making the most of the weekend. Often, we dream of doing nothing at all on a lazy Sunday afternoon. C'mon, who doesn't?

Yet, sometimes, our job requires us to work on a Saturday... or worse, Sunday. Ever had one of those? Surely, you have. It’s SO easy to just smack the snooze button on your alarm clock, rollover, and hide under the blankets.

Aren’t weekends supposed to be for rest and recreation? Whatever happened to that?

Sadly, this is how being an adult works. We have responsibilities that we just can't let go of... or can we?

Here are a few tips to help YOU take stuff off of your plate so you can FINALLY enjoy your weekends.


1) Learn the art of delegating

As much as you can, distribute tasks among team members according to their strengths. Stop having the need to do it all alone. You can't! When you take it all for yourself, there are bigger chances of work on the weekend. You don't want that, right? The more tasks delegated, the lesser things you have to do, and the more time you get for rest.

2) Hire a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are a great help in growing and continuing your business. Once they're on your boat, you don't have to worry about anything. When your work involves financing, hire a virtual assistant for a business coach. Just like delegation, they can manage your business while you’re away. Get someone who’s trustworthy and efficient!

3) Set deadlines within the week so nothing spills over to the weekend (unless it’s an emergency)

Tweak your schedule so that you only have to work within the week. Ensure that deadlines are set on Friday or Monday in the next week. This way, nothing ruins your Saturdays and Sundays. You then get to enjoy the weekend to yourself!


1) Overwork yourself

When something can’t get done immediately, learn to pause and take some time off. When you feel like work is overwhelming you, then get yourself some rest. Taking breaks makes you more productive after you’ve refreshed and regained your energy.

2) Ignore the need for rest

In line with taking breaks, don’t forget to always set aside time for rest. This is vital for your health, both physical and mental. When your body calls for it, answer it as soon as possible. If your health gets compromised, all your hard work will be put to waste.

3) Forget to set boundaries

When you’ve set aside time for the weekend, never fail to honor it. Once you’re off of work, tell your team that you can’t be reached! (Unless, of course, it’s completely necessary.) Create a boundary between work and personal life. Why not ask a virtual assistant to take care of other minor tasks so you can rest easy on the weekends?

Final Thoughts

There's nothing wrong with working on the weekend... but why do it when you DON'T have to?

Your rest days are just as crucial as your workdays. How else are you supposed to give it your best on Monday when you're barely staying awake at your desk?

Take time to meditate, get a drink, and place things in perspective. Don’t forget to live and enjoy life outside of work! YOU deserve it!

Spend your weekends on fun activities such as going out, or trying something new and creative! Speaking of the creative side you can try and create fun gifs, videos, and graphic images with Kapwing! It is an easy-to-use platform that could make your weekends more colorful and fun.

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