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Striking work-life balance by hiring a VA to manage your FB groups

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Are you a business owner looking for someone who can help manage your Facebook Groups?

There are so many choices and ways to go. If you've always been a one-person solopreneur, you can consider hiring your first VA.

Investing in a virtual assistant has tons of advantages for your company. You can focus more of your time and freedom through their help. This allows you to enjoy the activities you have long planned before. Plus, you can focus on your company's strategy, and forge closer ties with your clients or consumers.

Connection with clients has been easier because of social media. And if you have Facebook Groups, it's a no-brainer that it needs someone who can manage it regularly. Running one of these groups, whether you have 10 or 100 individuals, can be a very difficult task to handle on your own as a business owner.

If you have a virtual assistant team to rely on, you may be able to spend more time dealing with your clients and less time worrying about the details behind the scenes.

Here are some reasons why a VA is what you need in managing your FB groups:

1. Helps to run your groups smoothly

If you happen to be running an online coaching business, you don't want to leave personal details up for a new set of people to see if your group is a month-to-month event with new members being added.

There is also a virtual assistant for online coaches who can work on removing all the remarks and questions that were made for that period. This can take more than an hour to complete, depending on how much activity there is. They can gather any testimonials as they go along and store them in a file for you so you can use them in your email or blog.

2. Assists in answering questions

A virtual assistant checks in to see if any questions need to be answered, files that clients can't find, or anything else that will help your clients receive an answer more quickly. They can also produce and upload files that are accessible to your clients. If you hire a VA team then another member can act as your second brain, keeping an eye out for anything you might have forgotten or overlooked, and taking care of it on your behalf.

3. Works on scheduling tasks

You can ask your virtual assistant to schedule posts that are intended only for your group and have the posts arranged for your social media accounts. It could be a daily inspirational quotation, a photo, or anything else you can have handy. This is a fantastic method for your clients to see contact from you right away at the start of each day.

It is easy to forget to add new members to the group or remove them if they stop participating when you switch clients in between. You'll save time and have more time to find new clients to bring in if you provide your VA with a list of persons to add or remove.


There are numerous ways in which your virtual assistant can assist you. It is determined by the nature of your business. You can begin to generate new ideas and seek support by hiring a virtual assistant to help you with the work.

Are you confused about whether to assign a task you have that wasn't mentioned? Any of these concepts struck you as a novel? We would be pleased to learn more about your business while helping you grow! Book a call with our team and find out how.

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