Why should you blog about your business?

Updated: Oct 7

What comes to mind when you think of blogging? Do you believe it has a significant impact on people and industries in modern times? How about in your business?

Well, if you've been considering how to expand and take your company to new heights, blogging can help! And where blogging needs are, there your able virtual assistant team will be also!

Indeed, one answer to boosting your business to success is blogging.

By now you should have already come across this simple, yet powerful word, blogging. It is the act of creating content, sharing it online, and using a variety of media. It may be done in many ways, whether you use formal language most of the time or incorporate designs, humor, and satire into your content.

The goal of blogging is to reach your audience and engage with them. With billions of people online, including blogging in your marketing strategy can be beneficial.

A few advantages of blogging for businesses include:

- Building brand awareness

- Driving traffic to your site or company

- Converting traffic into leads

- Attracting new audiences

- Advertising your product, service, or business

- Connecting with your target market

... and more!

How frequently should you blog?

There is no magic number or solution.

How frequently you post on your blog depends on your business and its model. You need to take the time to study and analyze what works for your type of product or service, and if that strategy matches your audience.

You should also consider your resources and capabilities. You don't have to push it too far and strive to always create posts, for instance, if you work alone or with a small marketing team. Also, make sure always to prioritize the quality of your content, rather than just mainly focusing on the quantity.

How to come up with blogging ideas?

Staying consistent is one key factor in gaining the attention of the market. You have to create a plan and make those goals a reality.

However, with the potential overload of work, we often feel exhausted and lack the motivation to come up with fresh ideas for our business blog.

So here are some of the ways you can try to come up with ideas for your blog:

- Get ideas from your target market, your team of virtual assistants for social media, or your community

- Check the current trends and try to incorporate them with your content

- Highlight the stories of customers

- Post fun facts, quizzes, or "did you know?" prompts

- Publish a behind-the-scene story or information about the team

- Answer frequently asked questions

- Host a promo or giveaway

- Start a project or challenge

..and the list goes on!

Can this be an outsourced service?

The answer is: yes.

Your blog will play a crucial role in your business and enhance your reputation and brand. Considering how much work managing your business requires, you could need more assistance.

Outsourcing your blog from a team that offers virtual assistant services for online coaches can help you ease your worries and lessen your workload. It can also help increase conversions, boost your flexibility, and save you time.

And you don't have to worry. There are a ton of specialized writers that deliver on time, prioritize the quality of the content, and help you boost your business through their blogging skills.

We're pleased that our 8point8 Team has the writers that you need! We have talented wordsmiths who can spin words to create your blogs to meet your business needs. Book a call with us now!

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