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Sure-Fire Tips to Identify Your Client’s Needs

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

You’re free to agree on this: every entrepreneur wants to grow their business. Am I right or I am right? 😉

Well, so there you have it. The ultimate question that every business owner is now left to work on is HOW they could grow their brand. And as an entrepreneur myself, I’m sure we go for the same answer, and it has to do with our clients. As long as there are clients who believe and patronize our products or services, then we’re on the path to growth.

If you’ve been serving your clients for quite some time now, it is only because you are able to provide what they need. But if you're a new entrepreneur, you may be curious as to how we even start identifying exactly what our clients need. As an entrepreneur operating with a virtual assistant team, let me share with you my discoveries.

1. Be Detailed on the Rate

Clients understand that acquiring a product or service would be a financial investment. They need to know HOW MUCH they are going to pay for and if it’s worth the price. Provide a clear breakdown and description of what product or service they are getting. Be authentic with this information so you will gain their trust. Not only that, but you’re also extending them the dignity to decide as to whether your business is the right fit for them or not.

2. Be Transparent with the Charges

I believe in transparency and I make sure that my clients feel secure that every amount they pay doesn’t come with any hidden charges. I know how it feels to get the surprise of my life in finding the hidden fees at the billing period. 😱 So ensure that every cent you indicate is exactly what it is.

3. Be Reliable in the Long Term

Do you sometimes wish to be one of the Eternals and serve your clients forever? It sounds crazy; I know. 🤡🤔 But, since only Hollywood is allowed to do that, it is still important for our clients to get a level of assurance that we could assist them in the specific period that they need us. For instance, as a virtual assistant for online coaches, I sign contracts with clients because it’s our mutual way of saying I will meet their needs for as long as needed.

4. Be Easy to Contact

Clients need to also be able to reach you as conveniently as possible. With today’s internet access, that is no longer difficult to achieve. Agree on the best way to contact each other and provide on-point answers so they could maximize their time in contacting you.

5. Be Friendly and Empathetic

Clients also need to feel that you truly care for and about them. No, you don’t need to let them know what you ate for lunch. But yes, you could definitely provide a customized service or product when it is needed at that moment. This extra mile could mean the whole journey for their situation.

Key Takeaway

At the end of the day, there’s really no secret to growing your business. As a fellow entrepreneur operating with an affordable virtual assistant team, I would say that putting your client’s needs first always yields productive results. This is a principle I have believed, followed, and continue to adhere with in my own 8point8 VA team.

Interested in what we have to offer? Book a call today to know if we have what it takes to meet your business need. We hope to hear from you soon!


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