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Did Your VA Go MIA? Here's Probably Why They Left... (And How to Prevent It in the Future)

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Did Your Virtual Assistant Go MIA

Have you ever worked with a virtual assistant before… only for them to suddenly quit on you?

Looking for a reliable virtual assistant as an online coach, fitness coach, or business coach isn’t an easy task. And it’s always a significant loss when you invest time and resources into a VA who then quits prematurely. Some VAs quit due to health concerns or some other unavoidable reason. However, most leave on their own accord.

If you think, ‘Oh, there’s nothing I can do if they suddenly decide to quit,’ think again.

What Makes Good Virtual Assistants Leave? 3 Most Common Reasons (And How to Prevent It)

Check out these 3 reasons why your previous VA probably left so you can prevent your future virtual assistant team from leaving.

1. An inflexible schedule

Sometimes, employers forget that their VAs also have lives outside the workplace. As a result, they fail to offer or even consider a flexible schedule. A rigorous 9-to-5 gig - plus overtime - that requires VAs to work every day leaves little time for anything else.

Aside from giving your VA a more flexible schedule, another option to address this issue is to hire a virtual assistant team who can share the workload. By sharing the workload, each member of the team has the opportunity to relax and take a break when necessary.

2. Feeling undervalued

No one wants their performance to go unnoticed, especially if they’re working really hard or putting in extra hours. However, some VAs often feel undervalued. In fact, did you know that 66% of employees said they would consider leaving their job due to a lack of appreciation[1]?

A simple ‘thank you’, ‘excellent work’, or ‘nice job’ goes a long way. Express gratitude to your VA and let them know when they’ve done something well.

Did Your Virtual Assistant Team Go MIA

3. Lack of autonomy and trust

A positive client-VA relationship requires trust and leads to better work outcomes. VAs thrive in environments where their clients trust them, and they have the autonomy to do their jobs. When clients micromanage VAs, they may end up feeling anxious and worried, preventing them from working effectively.

To keep your VA, guide them in their role without micromanaging them. Learn to let go. Trust your virtual assistant and only provide support when necessary.

How to Hire a Reliable VA (And Avoid Getting Ghosted)

To make sure that you hire a reliable VA (and avoid getting ghosted), here are some things you should keep in mind.

1. Check their legitimacy. Make sure that you’re working with a legit VA. Ask for references from their other clients/friends.

2. Check their commitment. Check if the VA is ‘all-in’. Is this their full-time business or just a side gig? Gauge their commitment to the work they’re doing.

3. Check their long-term plans. Is their VA business registered? What are their long-term plans (i.e. Do they intend to expand in the future)? Anyone can have a legit-looking website or social media account. But if their business isn’t registered, it could be a sign that they aren’t in it for the long term.

4. Ask about their dreams and hopes for the future. Their answer will give you an insight into what kind of person/s they are. Plus, it’ll help you gauge how committed the VA is to helping your business succeed, so they too, can succeed.

5. Ask to sign a service agreement. To ensure that your VA won’t suddenly ghost you, ask to sign a Service Agreement. Having an agreement ensures that your rights are protected, just as much as the VA’s.

The Takeaway

Did Your VA Go MIA - Affordable Virtual Assistant

Having a VA quit on you is preventable. By understanding some common reasons why VAs leave (i.e. inflexible schedule or a lack of autonomy), you can address these issues and prevent your future virtual assistant from leaving.

We hope this article helps you have a longer, more fruitful working relationship with your future VA!

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