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8point8 VA Team FIRST General Assembly: Celebrating our Milestone

Updated: Apr 20

Surreal. It’s an adjective describing something as very strange or unusual or having the quality of a ✨ dream. ✨

If there’s any word to describe the 8point8 VA Team’s first General Assembly, it would be SURREAL. Even then, the word would still be an understatement out of all the glory hours we had in the physical company of one another.

On April 16, 2022, 8point8 VA Team members from different parts of the Philippines convened together face to face and for the first time in Talisay City, Cebu. We gathered in the residence of our CEO and founder, Ms. Lisa Sabala.

Why was this gathering surreal?

1. From Virtual to Face-to-Face Meetup

We are a team of VIRTUAL assistants and we thrived in the virtual setting smoothly. We receive tasks, complete assignments, and deliver client reports ALL with the help of internet-relying apps and tools. Working online in the comfort of our homes was a convenience. So who would have thought that all 20+ of us from different parts of the country would be willing to uproot ourselves from this comfort to fly, sail, or drive and meet these new faces for the first time? But we did.

2. COVID remained a threat

At the time when local borders were slow in welcoming tourists because of the pandemic, team members from outside Cebu made the leap of faith and booked airline tickets. We didn’t know if any lockdown would be announced eventually. But we hoped that local travel restrictions would eventually be relaxed. These did.

3. Just a fly-by discussion

You know how it is when a colleague randomly says, “I think I like to fly to the moon this weekend,” and you respond, “Yeah, that would be cool!” And you were not really paying attention because, seriously, flying to the moon? You got the point, right? Then all of a sudden you saw their uploaded photos of wearing astronaut costumes floating in the air. The random talks about having face-to-face meetings seemed like it was nothing serious. Or so we thought.