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Tired of doing everything yourself in your business?

Is that why you're here because you're looking for a Virtual Assistant to help you with tasks you don't like?

Well, you're in luck because you're not just getting one VA, you can have a whole team - instantly!

Hi there!

If you found your way to this page, you're probably going through these...

You're doing EVERYTHING solo – from talking to clients, writing blogs, building your online course, to scheduling your Instagram content

You find yourself constantly feeling overwhelmed with tasks and feeling stressed out that you’re always short on time

You can't focus on the revenue-generating part of your business because of your jam-packed days doing back-end admin work

You spend more than 40 hours a week on your business but ZERO hours enjoying your success

You had a VA before who suddenly went MIA and now you’re looking for a new, more reliable VA committed to helping you

There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you want and you feel this way too frequently

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You used to feel passionate about your business but lately, it's starting to feel like the full-time corporate job that you left

If you find yourself nodding along as you read the list above, then you are definitely spreading yourself too thin. In fact, we are 100% sure your business coach will agree with us when we tell you that...

You need to scale your business by building a team — like RIGHT NOW!

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So, picture this...

  • What if you had a VA team that takes away the hassle, stress, and time-consuming everyday tasks that get in the way of more important things...

  • What if having an instant team gives you access to a wide variety of skills at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees...

  • What if your VA team already has a solid but also flexible system of managing tasks without charging you for task management apps...

  • What if you had the choice to only hire a VA Team for a month or two, then if you decide that it's a good fit, you can extend your commitment to keeping the team for the long term...

  • What if you finally had time to go on vacation because you know your team has your back while you're out of the office...

If this is what you want as a budding entrepreneur, we need to hop on a Zoom call ASAP!

Imagine running your business

WITH your VA team.

Say bye-bye to flying solo and feeling like you're running everything yourself.

Let's face it! Hiring a VA isn’t always an easy decision. With numerous factors to think about, it can be hard to know whether hiring one is right for your business. Plus, it’s often hard for entrepreneurs to admit that they can’t do everything and surrender any level of control. Yet, believe us when we tell you — the most successful entrepreneurs know the power of delegation.

By learning to DELEGATE, you'll finally be able to enjoy these...

  • Taking a vacation without worrying that your business will crumble in your absence


  • Being able to step back once in a while to rest and regain perspective on not just your business, but your life in general


  • Being able to scale up and down as your business requires


  • Saving on hefty full-time employee salaries


  • Having someone work on tasks that aren’t exactly your strong suit


  • Accomplishing more in a day by delegating other tasks to a reliable team


  • Being able to concentrate on the crucial areas of your business without getting distracted by mundane tasks

  • Clocking out early (when you want to) so you can spend more time with your loved ones

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Sounds amazing, right?

You might think that achieving all of those is impossible, but with a reliable VA team by your side, all of those things (and more!) are entirely possible. Here's what one client had to say about our team helping her in her business...



But, you can't do it all yourself.


Running – and growing your business – often feels like an impossible dream, but with a VA team by your side, you can achieve everything you want and more!

When you delegate time-consuming tasks to a Virtual Assistant team, you can focus on what you do best. So, invest your valuable time in tasks that ONLY YOU can do.

Delegate the rest to our team. Your business will go places when you stay focused in your zone of genius.

Let's get to know each other!

Copy of Edited by Lisa 8point8 - Salespage VA Team (2).png

I'm Lisa, the proud founder of 8point8.

We are a Virtual Assistant Team helping online coaches and entrepreneurs like you!

I've been a creative writer and VA for more than 10 years. In that amount of time, I realized that all the clients I've worked with had one simple goal: to grow and scale their business without spending a fortune on maintaining a team.

I used to operate solo myself. It wasn't long before I realized I was working 14 to 16 hours a day. My quality of life declined as my weekends disappeared into answering emails, editing videos, building email funnels, and fixing webpages for clients. It was clear, I needed help! So I started forming a team and sharing my knowledge with other Virtual Assistants who didn't have a second thought about joining 8point8.

Today, we have 20+ virtual assistants at 8point8. This is the instant team you'll have access to when you become our client.

So whether you're looking for a graphic designer, writer, video editor, podcast editor, or all of the above – there's someone in the team who is just what you need. You don’t just get one person from the team working on your projects – we all work TOGETHER to ensure that your tasks get done in a timely manner and professionally.

​Think of us as a salad of virtual assistants. You get all the goodness of different ingredients in one guilt-free bowl. It doesn’t matter if you need help with launching a new sales page, creating new social media graphics, or writing blog articles – as long as it makes your life easier, we’ve got you covered.

Leverage our team of talented VAs to finally finish that to-do list!

Having a VA team is most probably that ‘missing ingredient’ you’ve been looking for to grow your business. Once you start working with a VA, you’ll never look back!


Don’t believe us? Read first-hand testimonials from clients we’ve worked with and find out how their lives changed when they added our team to their business…

They're talking about us...


The easiest way to do a difficult task


is to delegate it to your VA team!

What can our team do for you?

Let go of those tiresome tasks and focus on things that matter. We offer a variety of services designed to make running your business easier.

Creative Writing.  We can help you write weekly blog articles, content for your email newsletters, social media captions, and many more. We know you have ideas and you're probably sitting on a ton of topics — but you don't have time to write them yourself. Enter your VA team at 8point8 who will turn your topics into actual usable content.

Graphic Design. Do you go to Canva to work on your brand graphics, sit there for hours and realize you're getting nowhere after many hours? You can skip the frustration because when you're our client, we'll prepare graphic designs you need for any project. Our graphic designers have experience in creating logo designs, brand kits, social media graphics, infographics, email campaigns, landing pages, lead magnets — you name it.

Facebook Group Management. You may have started with just a few members on your Facebook group but now that your community is growing, you find yourself spending hours upon hours scheduling content to post on your timeline, keeping your members engaged, and trying to kick out those nasty spammers polluting the feeds. You might even need a gatekeeper to sift through the queue of member requests, right? Well, you’ll never have to worry about managing your Facebook Group, again. Just give us your guidelines and we’ll help you manage your Facebook group more efficiently.

Online Course Management. You're a course creator and that's what you should be doing — creating courses for your students. Do you really need to get frustrated trying to upload the course materials on Kajabi or Thinkific, making the thumbnails for the modules, preparing descriptions for the course items, and scheduling reminder emails for your students to attend the next group coaching call? You're right, we don't think so either. Even college professors have teaching assistants so why shouldn't you have a team to assist you? As your team, we'll help your prepare your course materials and upload them to your preferred course platform the way you want it. No more frustration from having to build the welcome page for your students, no more wasted hours waiting for the video tutorials to upload and get processed. That’s the magic of the 8point8 VA Team, we do all the backend work while you relax and get more creative to develop your next course to launch.

Repurposing Content. Do you have long form content you want to turn into something else? Let's say you have 40-minute footage of yourself doing a key-note speech for an event. Did you know you can repurpose that long video into several IG Reels with subtitles, a couple of blog articles, at least 10 captions for social media, and more? You actually don't need to feel overwhelmed about making new content, you already have a library of videos, past blogs, past social media posts, podcast episodes and more. But when it comes to repurposing content, just thinking about it can make you sweat. We know it takes hours to do this and that's time you don't have. Guess what?! Our team has time and we're happy to take on this task for you. Bring it on!

Podcast Editing. So you publish a podcast episode on a weekly basis? That's awesome. You don't want to disappoint your subscribers when skipping one week without an episode to share. But editing your podcast takes time — not to mention having to create the podcast thumbnail, writing the show notes, creating the blog page where you share your weekly podcast episodes, the whole nine yards. It's frustrating, we know! But guess what, your podcast should make you feel fulfilled as a content creator to build your credibility in your field or profession. It should not feel like a chore that you would rather avoid if you can help it. No worries because you can delegate the podcast production to your 8point8 VA team. We have podcast editors to edit your audio files and writers who can help prepare your show notes. Need help scheduling your podcast on Buzzsprout, Libsyn, or Then help is within your reach too because we operate as a team to complete your podcast production process week after week. Having a VA team will help you stay consistent and keep your subscribers excited for the next episode.

Landing Page Creation and Website Work. You've been told that you need a website for your business and it's true - you have more credibility for your name when you have your own website. If you're a coach or course creator, you'll need landing pages for when you launch your programs. You also need to consistently publish blog articles to keep your website active. But let's be honest, building and maintaining your website is a lot of work. Good news! You don't actually have to do all the work yourself. You just need to list down your instructions and send it to your VA team here at 8point8. We'll prepare landing pages for your courses, blog pages for your articles, keep your website up to date to attract potential clients. Our team has experience working with Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, and Kajabi website builders.

How to Work with our VA Team

Bring our team into your business for only 15 USD per hour. We keep our pricing scheme simple, affordable, and cost-effective.

Coaches and entrepreneurs who have a fixed budget, this is a great option for you because you will never overspend! No need to keep hiring and then sadly letting go of your VA when you run out of tasks for the month. There's no need to pay a recurring retainer fee either. You simply pay in advance for VA work hours and use it up as the needs arises.

Prepaid Plan 2023.png

Our services are ideal for you if your business has a steady stream of tasks daily, weekly or monthly. If you have a weekly podcast, a Facebook group that needs daily management, or a monthly recurring coaching program, this is a budget-friendly way to have easy access to reliable support. Your operations won't stop even if you decide to relax over the weekend or if you decide to take an impromptu vacay. Just drop tasks for our team and we'll help you set up the SOP to keep things running. We'll even manage your projects and tasks for you.

Finally, you can be the visionary CEO you've always wanted to be and have a production team behind you as you bring your business plans to life.



If in the middle of the validity period, you've already used up all your prepaid hours that you purchased at the start of  service, you can simply top up by purchasing more in increments of 10 hours to be consumed before the original validity period of your plan expires.



Still not ready to work with our virtual assistant team?

If this is your first time hiring a VA, then you must have a heap of questions and doubts inside your head. Don’t worry, we totally understand the dilemma!


We know that navigating uncharted waters can be really daunting, so allow us to lend a helping hand. We prepared a mini checklist below to help you get a clear vision if this is really the road you should be taking. If you do work with our team, we want to be a good fit for you.

Question: You are not the first VA team I have come across—

so, what makes your team and your services any different?

The magic that 8Point8 brings to the table is that we work to become an extension of yourself. We are a team of experienced professionals equipped with a task management system, all ready to help you run your business based on your work style. Simply put, 8Point8 doesn’t just help tick off the boxes for you. Our services and support are also heart-led because it is our passion to treat and care for our client’s brand as if it was our own.

Question: But how do I know if I'm ready to have a VA team? I want things done MY way and I need them to be perfect every single time.

Having worked as Virtual Assistants for a while now, we've had the privilege of working with many business coaches. Every single one of them would say that "Procrastination is often a symptom of perfectionism." When you want things done perfectly every single time, you'll end up doing everything yourself.


Here’s the thing, flying solo might seem like the most empowering thing to do as a business owner. However, your productivity will eventually stagnate because there's no one to divide the labor with. So, as our friendly advice, if you really want to scale your business and work fewer hours a day— you will have to come to terms that you need a team to work on tasks that don't really require your personal attention.

Delegating to a virtual assistant involves letting go of control and that's scary at first. What if we don't do it right? What if we make mistakes? But we bet you also didn't do it 100% perfectly the first time you did the same task, right? Maybe you also made mistakes along the way. That's the learning curve you went through and it's the same thing we'll go through as a team for you too. All of this is part of growth. The good news is, you already know the pitfalls and you can guide our team to avoid them when you teach us how to do the task YOUR WAY.

If this reply doesn't sit well with you, it's okay too. That just probably means you need more time to evaluate your business needs. You need to have clarity about what YOU want to do and not do yourself. It might help if you talked to your business coach first before you hire a Virtual Assistant or build your team.

Question: Where are you located? If you're in a different time-zone, how will you work out our time difference? I’d like to know beforehand if this is going to be an issue moving forward.

Our team is based in the Philippines. If you're in the United States, we're at least 12 hours apart. If you're in Europe, we're likely to have a 5 hour time difference. If you're in Australia, you're ahead of us by at least 3 hours.

Yes, It is a common belief that time difference is the biggest hurdle between a client and a VA who is halfway across the globe — but this is not the case for us. The moment you hire us, our automatic mindset is to help take the load off your shoulders regardless of where you are located in the world. This is why we say a big ‘NO’ to micromanaging. This means there is no need for you to constantly keep tabs on us the entire time we're doing tasks for you.

In fact, because we work autonomously, you only have to leave projects for us in our task management tool (Trello) and rest or go to sleep. All there’s left for you to do is wake up, read through our comprehensive task reports, and see firsthand how the 8point8 magic works. No need to babysit because we've got our own babysitters in the form of Supervisors and Team Managers who are already part of our team.

Just imagine all the tasks that 8Point8 can get done while you’re sleeping or relaxing! So, is time difference still an issue? We hope not but if you still have questions about how the whole process works when you have us as your VA team, book a call and we'll talk about it. We want you to make a decision that makes sense for you and the way YOU run your business. We want to be your VA team only if we are a good fit to work together. Having a conversation and discussing your time-difference concerns will even give you clarity as to whether working with 8point8 is the right route for you.

Proof of Love...

When we say our services and client support are not only top-level professional but also heart-led, we mean it— and our clients definitely feel it.


Interested in working with us? Want to sign up but still have questions about how to work with our team? schedule your discovery call with Lisa!


You’ll be able to ask questions and learn more about our team’s services that will work for your business.


Let us know how we can lighten your load!

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Thank you for your interest in 8point8!

We wish you all the best!

Don’t forget to share this page if you have a friend who’ll need our services too.

To know more about 8point8 and to keep up with our latest updates, you can follow us on:

We’re hoping to work with you soon!

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