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Top 8 Automation Tools that Increase Profit for Online Entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 20

Believe it or not, automation is here to stay! Do I hear a YAY? 🥳

For small and budding entrepreneurs, this is indeed a cause for celebration. But with all the tools available online, which ones would be ideal for your growth, productivity, and efficiency?

Well, here’s a quick list of the top automation tools that online business owners use today.

1. Zapier

When it comes to automating the menial but repetitive tasks that are still important for your business, Zapier is your buddy. This tool is especially helpful if you want to automatically save your Gmail attachments to your Google Drive or create a Dropbox backup right after saving your Google Docs files to OneDrive.

2. Grammarly

For everything that involves writing, Grammarly is your automation friend. This tool enables you to spot grammatical, punctuation, and word construction errors. It makes your social media marketing prompts even more attractive to readers. What’s even greater is that you can use the tool for FREE!

3. Calendly

Do you want to set up meetings with clients but are not sure of their availability? Well, with Calendly, clients can now set their appointments with you! How cool is that? All you need to do is set your availability schedule, and they get to choose which date and time they prefer. Once your client selects the time, the appointment is now automatically added to your calendar.

4. Mailchimp

When it involves the management of your mailing list for loyal clients or creating marketing campaigns, Mailchimp gets you going. This tool simplifies your creation, management, and sending out newsletters or automated messages. While your virtual assistant could write out the content for you, Mailchimp completes the distribution.

5. Airtable

Working with a team and assigning specific tasks and instructions has been made easier with Airtable. If you’re the entrepreneur who finds simplification in utilizing spreadsheets, Airtable is your automation pal. It allows you to store information or tasks while collaborating easily with clients or even with your virtual assistant team.

6. Shopify

To our beloved e-commerce entrepreneurs who make our online purchases even easier and more convenient, this one is for you. Shopify is your ally when it comes to automating sales activities that include dropshipping. Not only that, Shopify has special features that allow e-commerce entrepreneurs to connect their favorite apps together and provide even simplified order and delivery transactions.

7. Hootsuite

Online entrepreneurship is not complete without social media engagements. In this case, your virtual assistant for social media could greatly benefit from Hootsuite. This tool allows the automatic posting of your marketing content into your chosen social media platform. On top of that, you could also review these posts in a calendar view, ensuring that they display on your designated date and time.

8. PandaDoc

Do you need to have contracts or documents that require your signature? PandaDoc is here to make your day. There is also a free version available in Google Docs. You can now explore the automation benefits of PandaDoc to add electronic signatures in proposals or contracts.

Key Takeaway

So, which one of these 8 tools are you most interested to try out? There's a lot to choose from depending on the specific needs of your business. You could inquire from your fellow entrepreneurs which ones have worked best for them. Or, if you partner with 8point8 VA Team, we could also give better recommendations that are more ideal to your specific niche.

Here's our available schedule so you can book us a call at your most convenient time! Hear from you soon!

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