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Super Easy Task Instructions for your Virtual Assistant: Podcast Guest Outreach

Delegating the task of podcast guest outreach to your virtual assistant (VA) can pose challenges, particularly when articulating specific requirements and expectations. Miscommunication during this process may lead to missed opportunities and a lack of enthusiasm for bringing diverse voices to your podcast.

Consider a situation where unclear instructions result in outreach efforts that don’t align with your podcast’s vision. Misalignment can lead to missed opportunities for engaging conversations, leaving you frustrated and your podcast lacking the variety it deserves. It’s time to streamline the process and ensure your VA comprehends your outreach goals clearly.

In this blog article, we guide you through the process of assigning podcast guest outreach tasks to your VA, offering detailed instructions to minimize miscommunication and maximize the success of your outreach efforts.

What You Need to Prepare:

Before delegating, gather the essential information to empower your VA in conducting effective podcast guest outreach:

  • Target Guest Criteria

  • Podcast Theme and Topics

  • Outreach Strategy

  • Suggested Guest List

  • Additional Details

Note: If providing references or attachments with a heavy file size, reduce/compress the file size before sending to your VA.

What to Send to Your Virtual Assistant:

Use this template to convey your general research instructions:

Subject: Podcast Guest Outreach Task - [Your Podcast Name]

Dear [VA’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I have an exciting podcast guest outreach task for you. Please find the details below:

  1. Target Guest Criteria:

  • [Specify the criteria for potential guests]

  1. Podcast Theme and Topics:

  • [Outline the theme and specific topics covered by the podcast]

  1. Outreach Strategy:

  • [Specify preferred outreach methods and tone]

  1. Suggested Guest List:

  • [Share a list of potential guests or industries to target]

  1. Additional Details:

  • [Include any other relevant information crucial to the outreach task]

Task Timeline Plan:

  • Task Assignment Date: [Today’s Date]

  • Deadline for VA Submission: [Specify Date - Allow at least one week for initial outreach]

  • Feedback/Next Steps: [Insert date for providing feedback or requesting additional outreach]

  • Final List Deadline: [Specify the final deadline for guest list]

Outreach Deadline: [Specify the date/s when emails will be sent out by the VA to potential guests]

Deadlines and Task Limits:

Consider giving your VA at least 2-4 weeks before the launch of your podcast to allow for thorough research and any necessary revisions. Clearly communicate any specific milestones or checkpoints for review during the research process.


Podcast guest outreach should be straightforward, and with our guide, you can ensure seamless collaboration with your virtual assistant. Share your thoughts and challenges in the comments or email us at Your insights may inspire our next blog article!

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