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Super Easy Task Instructions for Your Virtual Assistant: Create a Promotional Video

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Delegating the creation of a promotional video can be challenging, especially when communicating your vision to a virtual assistant (VA). Consider a scenario where unclear instructions result in a video that doesn't align with your brand or message. In such instances, the video might miss the mark, leading to wasted resources and a lost opportunity to engage your audience effectively.

In this blog article, we'll provide a clear path to effectively assign the task of creating a promotional video to your VA, ensuring your message is accurately and creatively portrayed.

What You Need to Prepare:

To empower your VA in crafting an impactful video, collect the following data, information, and files:

  1. Brand Guidelines or Visual Identity

  2. Script or Key Messaging

  3. Visual Assets (Images, Logos, Videos, etc.)

  4. Target Audience Insights

  5. Desired Call to Action or Objectives

What to Send to Your Virtual Assistant:

Use this template to communicate your requirements effectively:

Trello Title Card: New Task: Creation of Promotional Video

Hello My Amazing Virtual Assistant!

I have an important task for you – creating a promotional video to showcase our [product/service/event]. Here are the details you'll need:

Brand Guidelines: [Attach or link to the document] Script or Key Messaging: [Include the content or provide guidelines] Visual Assets: [Attach or specify the sources] Target Audience Insights: [Describe the audience demographics] Desired Call to Action/Objectives: [Clearly outline the goal of the video]

Please ensure the video reflects our brand identity and effectively communicates our message to our target audience.

Task Timeline Plan I am endorsing this task to you today [insert date today]. I would like your initial or completed report by or before [initial deadline] I will provide you corrections or feedback (if any) by [insert date you will send feedback to your VA] This will then allow you to finalize the video by or before [insert final deadline].

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further information.

Deadlines and Task Limits:

Consider allocating sufficient time for this task. Crafting a high-quality promotional video might take around 2 weeks, factoring in revisions and feedback loops. Setting deadlines as per the template above will help ensure that the promotional video will be completed accurately and within the deadline.

Effective communication with your VA is crucial for successful task delegation. We're interested in learning about the communication challenges you face in delegating tasks. Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this blog or by emailing us at Your input will guide our future articles and assist in addressing your communication hurdles effectively.

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