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Hiring a Single Virtual Assistant Vs. Hiring a whole Virtual Assistant Team

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Two people working together is always better than one.

The beauty of delegation and working with other people is having the ease of having the work done in a short time. It saves you the expenses that come with regular employment.

Most business owners opt to hire affordable virtual assistants. Doing this allows them to delegate tasks to the assistants. Business owners can also focus on making the business grow. And once the business grows, the amount of needed work multiplies.

It works, but what if you can hire a whole team of virtual assistants immediately? Would it be a better idea?

Both have significant advantages for your company, but how do you choose the best option for you? Today, we'll look at these two virtual staffing methods, and help you decide which is ideal for you.

Benefits of Having a Dedicated Virtual Assistant

With a virtual assistant, you can focus all your communications and tasks on one person. They will be responsible for the responsibilities assigned to them. Having a dedicated VA streamlines communication and accountability for the project.

Your committed VA will be able to produce outputs more and of higher quality. They get more familiar with the tasks you've delegated to them. They will become more acquainted with your business operations and working methods. This familiarity is usually established after the VA has been immersed in the task. It's a relationship that improves and grows over time.

Smoother communication process flow and task familiarity will also be established. And you can also expect consistency since you'll be working with the same person.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant Team

Your virtual assistant team can include people with a variety of experts. This is a huge advantage if you have a project that requires many specializations. A digital marketing plan is an example of such a project. For this task, content creators, website designers, and experts in digital marketing may be required.

Having a virtual assistant team is like having all hands on deck. Tasks can be performed more with many individuals working. Firms can delegate different tasks to different members of the team too. This is because VA teams provide a wide range of talents and specializations.

You can expect that your VA team will be able to complete more work in less time because many employees are working for you.


A dedicated VA or VA team can be a valuable asset to your company. They can assist you with a variety of activities that will propel your company forward. When deciding on the best dedicated VA or team for your needs, consider what your business needs most right now. Take the choice that allows you the most time to expand.

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