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8 Things Everyone Should Know About a Working Mom

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Being a mom who balances work and child rearing is hard work. The stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding moms make their jobs even more difficult. Don’t judge these amazing women; instead, give them the care and support that they need! Below, we debunk 8 common myths and reveal the facts that everyone should know about working moms.

1. Working moms are selfish.

Working moms get up early in the morning to get both themselves AND their children ready, drive their children to school, spend eight hours working, pick their children up after classes end, feed and bathe them, put them to bed, and then collapse on their own beds. A working mom does all that and more! That doesn’t sound selfish, does it?

2. Working moms don’t spend enough time with their children.

They do! Out of 24 hours, working moms probably work 8 to 9 hours; the rest of the time is spent with their children. Also, most companies now provide flexible and work-from-home options to moms with young children, so they get to spend more time with them.

3. Working moms look down on stay-at-home moms.

It is not fair to say that every working mom feels this way, or vice versa. Women understand that raising a child, though rewarding, can be challenging. They are empathetic towards each other. Some women choose to be with their children 24/7, while others choose to balance their careers with motherhood – neither approach is right or wrong.

4. Working moms are more stressed out.

Sure, with more responsibilities and less free time, it would seem safe to assume that working moms are more stressed out than stay-at-home moms. However, merely having a lot of responsibility doesn’t automatically stress someone out. For instance, stay-at-home moms might be more stress if they are home with multiple children. There are numerous variables to declare one group more stressed than the other.

5. Working moms are not as committed to their careers as others.

Working moms are just as committed to their jobs as other employees. And so are they to their children. Sometimes, working moms need to get flexible and creative to get their tasks done without sacrificing their integrity. Also, a desire to work-from-home or a need to have a hard stop at the end of the day doesn’t translate to any less commitment to their job.

6. Working moms will choose to be stay-at-home moms if they could.

Many working moms value their careers for so many other reasons than the financial security it brings. From being role models to their children to intellectual stimulation – their reasons for working are as different as they are.

7. Working moms don’t want certain projects or opportunities.

Managers often assume that working moms don’t want particular projects or opportunities because they would perhaps require an unusual schedule or travel. Before deciding on anything, employers need to talk to their employees about these opportunities.

8. ‘Having it all’ means the same thing for all working moms.

The goals, desires, needs, and hopes of all working moms vary – you can’t just lump them into a single group and stereotype them. Working moms each want their version of ‘having it all’ in life – a loving family, a great career, good health, and interests that drive us. But the vision of what that ‘all’ looks like is different for each person.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Now that you know the truth about working moms, show her how much you appreciate her hard work! Your mom deserves the best this year – and every year – so treat her to one of these simple, yet meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas that she will never forget. Write her a heartfelt, hand-written letter. Buy her favorite flowers. Treat her to a nice meal at her favorite restaurant or café – or cook her a delicious home-made meal. Treat her to a spa day. Buy her favorite beauty and wellness products. Put together a memory keepsake, such as a scrapbook. Give her a tight hug and let her know how much you love her. Make a video tribute – gather video messages of love from family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

The Bottom Line

Being a working mom is not an easy task – it comes with own unique set of challenges. So this Mother’s Day, make sure to shower your mom with a lot of love! You can use the abovementioned gift ideas, or you can make your own. Remember – no matter how simple or small your gift is, it’s the thought that counts!

Happy Mother's Day! It always feels great to shower love and be loved! Are you thinking of an artsy appreciation post or virtual card for your mom? Or to all the moms out there like you? Canva is a free online tool that you can use!

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