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3 Effective and EASY Tips on How to Be Productive While Working From Home

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Are there times when you’re working from home, but everything distracts you? It could be your home duties or something at your window that draws you outside.

We know how hard it is to remain productive when you're juggling household responsibilities while on duty. So, here are THREE easy tips for you to stay organized and meet deadlines when working from home.

1. Get up early and get started!

It's tempting to sleep in when you don't have to dash out the door to go to work. However, if you're having trouble remaining productive, waking up before anyone else may be a solution.

  • Set your alarm for an hour before everyone at your house usually wakes up.

  • Make yourself a cup of your favorite morning beverage and get to work on emails or a larger project.

When the home is quiet, you'll be astonished at how much work you can get done!

2. Make a schedule to manage your time for the day.

You could be an online coach and your new client might be needing your help to face a huge problem, and at the same time, you’re recording a podcast. And this situation makes it even harder when you work from home with your chores in front of you.

If you find yourself relating, it is time to establish a consistent schedule for the day.

  • Consider how you may change your schedule to accommodate your household chores, work, and business.

  • You may also think about getting help from a virtual assistant. It might lessen some of your workloads in the future, especially if you are a business entrepreneur.

  • Practice being consistent with your schedule. Try to observe yourself and pinpoint the time of the day that you are most productive.

It's stressful to feel like you don't have enough time, but know that you won't be alone. You can always ask for help and designate tasks for others. Hiring an affordable virtual assistant could help you schedule your day and manage your time.

3. Mark and number essential tasks.

What task must you finish as soon as possible? What can you put off until the next day?

To organize your day, you can mark ASAP tasks and create a list of them. The list will assist you in being focused and devoted to your daily responsibilities.

  • Make a list of all the priority tasks.

  • Assure that the list applies to what you can do in a single day.

  • Create your daily time slots using the task list as a reference.

You could ask for help to organize your tasks and hire a virtual assistant team to help you get right into working with the most important things as they support you with the micro-tasks.

Take away

It's simple to mix your business and personal life working from home. To avoid this, try to stick to a regular work schedule. You can set specific start and finish times, as well as breaks throughout the day. Also, learn to say no when you have too much on your plate. Too many commitments at once may affect the quality and productivity of your work.

It is good to look for a reliable support system to prevent overload. And if you need someone to have your back, you can book a call with the 8point8. Talk with the team and learn what VA service is best to help keep your work-life balance!

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