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Your VA Can Give You the Stress-free Holiday You Deserve!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Everyone is getting busy preparing to celebrate! 🥳

It's also the hottest time for a lot of appointments and business opportunities or events you don't probably want to miss!

And instead of enjoying the holidays, are you starting to feel like 24 hours isn't enough?

If you do, then now is the ideal time to get your virtual assistant ready to help with all the extra responsibilities and tasks coming your way.

Hiring a reliable virtual assistant will help reduce the pressure! Here are some tasks a virtual assistant team can help you with.

1. Works on ongoing tasks

Give your mind a break by taking some time off. However, if you find it difficult to take time off from work, even for the holidays, ask your virtual assistant to help you with your recurring tasks. You may enjoy your vacation stress-free knowing that someone has your back.

Moreover, a VA can keep track of and arrange your inbox while you're away. They can decide whether an email is essential, and check your voicemail. They can notify you of any important messages.

2. Gives social media assistance

Ask your VA to assist you with holiday social media marketing. They can write the content and design the graphics that go with such content.

There is a virtual assistant for social media whom you can ensure that your audience receives your joyful message during your holiday social media campaigns. You can relax knowing that your VA will keep up with your social media updates to maintain your online profile.

3. Actively responds to emails

Most of us will be away for the holidays. But remember that not every one of your clients is taking a vacation. Your emails still need to be answered, and transactions need to be handled. Your VA can take care of these for you.

It gives you peace of mind knowing that someone is monitoring your inbox - which also helps you concentrate on other things.

4. Produces outstanding newsletters

An email newsletter is one technique to increase leads and sales, especially during the holiday season. When trying to boost sales, it's important to concentrate on promoting repeat business by keeping customers informed about the brand's holiday deals, promos, and news, if any.

A virtual assistant can create in-depth newsletters and distribute them to current clients in time for the holidays. While they are there, they can even update your contacts list.

5. Design excellent freebies online

Thinking of giving away freebies this holiday season? Your VA can design and create PDFs, posters, banners, and more! In a remote work environment, a VA can assist in creating great graphics that go with the campaign's theme and content.


Hiring a virtual assistant or even a team of virtual assistants can free up more time for you to concentrate on other projects and spend priceless time with your loved ones. 💗

Use your VA's assistance to enjoy the holidays more and with less stress. You can make an appointment with 8point8 if you need one!

Expand your business with the help of the 8point8 team. Book your free call with us to discuss how we can collaborate.


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