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Yes, Love Is a Good Thing: How to Maintain A Good Work Relationship

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

What do you think about love? A good feeling, right.

The majority of us will not hesitate to say yes. It is a good thing to be loved and another kind of bliss to love. There is love for your passion and what you do. Then there's another love towards your family, client, and people connected with you. If there is one thing that keeps relationships strong, it is love.

A positive environment and support play a huge role in producing good results working with a team.

Ready to show some love? Here are some things you can do to boost positivity in your team.

Be kind with your words.

Words are powerful, and it is proven true ever since.

The negative impact of words has brought depression, anxiety, and even unwanted stress to many people. This is not something we want our team to experience.

You can practice speaking more positive words to yourself and other people. These simple acts of kindness are also an expression of love.

Positive words like a simple good morning can improve mood. And if you are working with a virtual assistant, positive affirmations could keep them motivated to do better.

Be compassionate.

If you are an online coach, showing genuine care to your clients is an absolute must. People will love to connect with you if they sense that you care. And they are going to know right away if you fake it.

That is why as a virtual assistant team, we always ask our clients about how they are. It is one way to show that we care, even remotely, and that we are determined to deliver positive outcomes from a positive environment.

Be thoughtful.

Thoughtfulness may be a new fad, but it has merit. Employees in a forward-thinking office value one another; relationships are great, kinder, and more valuable than just professional transactions. These are the values our VA team upholds.

Entrepreneurs can all agree that compassion and responsiveness play a significant role in a client's decision to sign with the company. Thoughtfulness makes the team a more enjoyable community to work in, and it also provides a competitive advantage in terms of human connection.

Let love be the core value at work.

Companies that genuinely care for their employees and love what they do tend to last longer. Here in 8point8, we are bound together with love, treating each other as family. We believe that love gives an ambiance of happiness. When you feel good and happy, it reflects in what you do.

Give love, and work with people who love!

Our team offers virtual assistants for online coaches, fitness coaches, social media, and business coaches.

Book us a call, and learn more about 8point8. You can also visit our page to know more about the services we can offer.

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