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When You Can't Take It Anymore... 😣Client-Virtual Assistant Partnership: Is it time to Let Go?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Is Working with Your Virtual Assistant Feeling Like a Battle? Is communicating with your VA becoming more and more stressful?

I see you juggling a gazillion tasks and trying to conquer the world with your fantastic ideas. You started your journey with your Virtual Assistant (VA) all pumped up and ready to delegate tasks, but somewhere along the way, things got tangled. It's like a game of chess, isn't it? You make a move, they make a move, and suddenly, you're in the middle of a strategic battle. And endless back and forth of clarifications and you’re not getting things done. There are times when you assign a task way ahead of the deadline but your VA only replies two days before the due date - “I can’t do this. I don’t have availability.” Shocker! You should have told me in the first place.

Or, it could be that you got so busy, you didn’t have time to check that your VA had login problems because the app or tool you want them to use triggered two factor authentication. So your VA is stuck waiting for your reply to get them into the tools but you only reply 1 day prior to the due date and now it’s too late.

Problems problems! Who here can relate? In this video I’ll share how, when and why you should (or shouldn’t) cut ties with your virtual assistant.

Remember when you first hired your VA? They seemed like the answer to your prayers. You handed them tasks, provided initial instructions, and for a while, everything flowed smoothly. But then reality hit – not all tasks come with a neat set of instructions. Sometimes, your brilliant ideas need a bit of deciphering.

So, there's some back-and-forth. Your VA asks questions, seeks clarifications, and understandably so. You, dear CEO of your empire, are swamped. Responding to these queries takes time, time you often don't have. After all, isn't that why you hired a VA in the first place? To offload these tasks and free up your mental space?

Playing the Blame Game

Now, let's get real – it's easy to pass the blame. You're itching to shed these tasks, but are they ready to be transferred to another plate? Are you inadvertently tossing problems to your VA, expecting them to be mind-readers? When things go awry, frustration boils over, and it's tempting to place blame squarely on their shoulders.

But here's a reality check – that VA you hired isn't a magician. They're human, just like you. They can't fix what's not clear or provide instant solutions to complex problems. So when they falter, you're disappointed, maybe even angry. But guess what? You're not alone in feeling this way.

You know what? Go ahead and cancel me if you must. Tell me, "Lisa, how dare you suggest I'm passing the buck?" I promise, no hard feelings here. Why? Because I get it. You're handing off tasks because you genuinely can't do it all. But here's the kicker – the task isn't always ready to be passed off. Or you’re passing them off to the wrong person.

And yes, I'll admit, sometimes it's a compatibility issue. I might not be the perfect fit for you, and that's perfectly fine. If you explore other VA options and find someone who can predict your thoughts and actions – wonderful! I genuinely hope you do. It's all about finding the right puzzle piece for your unique needs.

The Right Fit is Out There

Here's the silver lining – there's a VA for everyone. If your current VA isn't a match, it doesn't mean they're incapable. It just means they might be a better fit elsewhere. The same goes for you. Sometimes, a different VA, one who instantly understands your industry and your vision, can make all the difference.

So, find that person. When you do, cherish them. Reward them, challenge them, empower them, because they'll grow with you and support your journey. No hard feelings, okay? If my words resonate, great. If not, that's alright too. But from one VA to all the others out there – I hear you. I know your struggles.

The Reality of Pleasing People: You Can't Please Everyone

Let's be honest, no VA can be everything to everyone. Claiming otherwise is a disservice. Pleasing every single person on this planet is an impossible feat. So, what do you do when working with your VA feels like a never-ending battle? Or when they can't quite meet your expectations?

The Power of Evaluation

It's time to evaluate. Should you continue with this partnership? The line is clear when it comes to disrespect, racism, or condescension – cut the cord immediately. That behavior has no place in any working relationship.

Another crucial aspect is payment. If a client is deliberately avoiding payment or causing trouble when you send an invoice, beware. Such clients exist, and they'll drain your energy and resources. Protect your sanity and your business – don't let them take advantage of you.

The Ultimate Decision: Letting Go

So here's the bottom line. When working with your VA or client becomes a nightly worry, it's a sign. Worry isn't always useless; it's a warning. If you find yourself losing sleep and personal time over what should be a professional relationship, it's time to reassess. If it's reached a point where you need to part ways, be honest about it.

If they understand – great. If they react poorly, it simply means they weren't the right fit for the long term. That's perfectly okay. There's a VA or client out there who is, and when you find them, it's like finding a missing puzzle piece.

So, there you have it – what to do when working with your VA feels like an endless struggle. It's okay to let go if it's best for both parties. Remember, there's a perfect match out there for everyone's unique needs. You're the architect of your business; set the bar, set the tone, and find the right team for you!

No hard feelings, just honest advice from a seasoned VA like me. Thank you for listening, and on behalf of all VAs who've been through the ups and downs – we hear you, we know your pain, and we're here to support you.

So, take that step. Evaluate, reevaluate, and let go if needed. All these struggles in your VA-Client relationship, it’s going to destroy your passion and make you hate your job or your business and that’s not ever a good thing. Your business, your sanity, and your peace of mind are worth protecting so prioritize that above all else.

Now, if this is your first time even considering hiring a VA, I hope I haven't discouraged you. There's definitely the RIGHT VA out there for you, I assure you. We understand that making choices can be challenging, especially if it's your first time contemplating hiring a VA, or if you've reached the point where you recognize you can't handle everything on your own any longer. But if you're not entirely certain if it's the right step for you at this moment, simply visit

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