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Three Things To Know Before Hiring Your First VA.

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

How many times have you done something outside of your zone of genius? How about duties that are not your expertise? Ever had to do something in your business that's such a total time suck for you? I know, right? 😰

There is probably a lot but you did it anyway because it was necessary. PLUS, there was no one else who could do it – or so you thought.

For sure, you've heard about hiring an affordable virtual assistant where you could delegate these menial tasks. Hiring a virtual assistant could save you a lot of money and time, but not everyone has an instant success story when they first hired a VA.

Getting a VA for the first time can be challenging. In fact, there are a couple considerations to be made. What things should you bear in mind before hiring a VA?

🤔 Well, I got you! Here are three things you must think about before you decide. 🤔

1. You must have enough tasks to keep your VA busy - or at least enough to NOT let them get bored.

Are you ready to hire a VA?

Be sure that it’s what your business needs at the moment. VAs work on a task by task basis. If possible, delegate repetitive tasks to your VA who will likely be charging you by the hour with a minimum requirement per week or month. Some VAs also charge a retainer fee per month. If you don't use up their availability, that could lead to disappointment.

You don’t want you to waste money by leaving your VA idle. Not assigning tasks to your VA is like having a car but you chose to walk instead. You have an asset that could boost your productivity but you're choosing NOT to use that asset for whatever reason you may have.

2. You need to allow time for your VA to learn to work with your system.

We are at the epitome of technology, and most businesses use online apps and system to make projects easier to manage. You're probably using Trello, Asana, or Clickup --- whatever your project management app is, if your VA didn't set it up for you at the start, he or she will need time to get used to your system.

Think of it this way: you're a chef who got hired to cook in someone else's kitchen. When you're cooking your first few dishes, you're not going to be super efficient at it because you still have to learn where the tools are and how the ingredients are organized in the fridge. It will take you twice or three times as long to cook a dish even if you're already familiar with the process. Why is this so? Well, it's not your kitchen. You probably don't even know where the knives are yet and that there's a very specific way to turn on the gas oven. We know some appliances can be eccentric. I remember having a toaster oven that would only turn on if you plugged it at one specific electric socket in my kitchen. I don't know why but that toaster just won't work with any plug. Anyway, the point is, your VA will need some time to get used to YOUR systems and you need to at least orient your virtual assistant with your workspace. Remember: good communication could get the work done faster! 👍

3. You will have to lead the team first, and expect some back-and-forth in the beginning.

Do not expect your VA to get it right on the first day. Healthy communication works back and forth, and it is the same way with working a relationship with your VA. Be patient as you guide them.

It could be hard at first, but always remember that productive results usually stem from good coordination.

Bottom line:

You have to determine your preparedness before hiring a VA. Ask yourself a few things:

  • Why are you hiring?

  • What are you looking for in a VA?

  • How do you want these tasks to be completed?

Ask these questions to properly determine if you need to hire a VA for the long run or just enough time to keep up with the backlog work.

Keep in mind that the VAs are not there to solve your business problems. The virtual assistant team is just there to help. You are STILL the leader of the pack.

It is important to consider establishing a solid system for you and your VA to work together.

There is a great feeling of accomplishment when you know you have established a bond with a team determined to help you and your business grow.

If you think you are ready, you can book a call at 8point8, where you have access to a ready virtual assistant team at your back. Let us help you search for better options most suited to your business. Hear from you soon! 🤙

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