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Struggling with Entrepreneurial FOMO? 4 Ways to Deal with It

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Log in to any social media platform and you’re likely to see beautiful images of people living their seemingly perfect lives. While many discussions of social media focus on its effect on individuals, entrepreneurs can be just as vulnerable to its effects.

According to the Oxford Dictionary[1], the fear of missing out (FOMO) means, “anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.”

But, in the midst of today’s highly digital society, how can entrepreneurs cope with FOMO?

Dealing with Entrepreneurial FOMO

For entrepreneurs, dealing with FOMO can mean hard work. As you interact on social media, you may find yourself surrounded by news, images, and clips of people working in prestigious locations, attending conferences, achieving business awards, and getting a constant stream of business deals.

how to deal with FOMO with a virtual assistant to a coach

But remember, as with all marketing, entrepreneurs carefully choose what they present on social media. What you see may even have been constructed by a marketing agency, photographed professionally, or have been staged and heavily edited.

Dealing with FOMO isn’t always easy. The fear of missing an opportunity to do a podcast, promote your products, or interact with your audience can be overwhelming.

As a virtual assistant in a highly competitive market, I’ve even encountered such moments too. And as a virtual assistant to coaches, podcasters, and other entrepreneurs, I’ve seen some of my clients deal with it as well.

So, I’d like to share some of the ways that I’ve dealt with FOMO in today’s highly digital world.

1. Recognize FOMO as superficial.

Be honest: Do you actually want to do the things you feel like you’re missing out on when scrolling through social media?

For instance, as my virtual assistant team started to grow, I wanted only a few specific things: respect, success, and financial security for my family.

What I never coveted? Going to high-end gatherings and looking significant. Yet, that’s exactly what I started to feel I was missing out on. Why? Because that’s what people who were suddenly my ‘peers’ seemed to be doing – attending high-class social events, driving fancy cars, and making high-end deals. So, I thought that these were things I was supposed to be doing.

But then I asked myself, ‘Why?’ Why do I think I should do these things?

Ultimately, I realized that the pressure was completely superficial and self-imposed – I was fueling my own FOMO.

2. Fact check your FOMO.

Sure, your colleague, friend, or competitor may look like they’re up to incredible things, but is it really the whole story? Remember, entrepreneurs can make themselves look good, regardless of their experiences or qualifications.

Further, with such heavily managed and curated content, remember that you’re only seeing part of the story. For instance, your competitor may be posting pictures of their latest business deal, but they may not reveal that the deal fell through after a few months.

So, make sure to fact check your FOMO and don’t believe everything you’re seeing.

3. Focus on what your own goals and dreams are.

Revisit your genuine and honest ambitions – and see if you’re making steps toward your own goals. The key is reminding yourself of those things and then adjusting your life and your mental state to only worry about missing out on what your goals and dreams actually are.

You should really only feel FOMO when you’re not doing things you truly love.

4. Remind yourself that you – and what you’re doing – is enough.

One of the most troubling aspects of FOMO is that no matter what you achieve, you’ll never feel like you’ve done enough.

deal with FOMO with the help of a virtual assistant team

To deal with FOMO, you have to constantly remind yourself that you – and what you’re doing – is enough. Of course, you shouldn’t be complacent and you should still strive to grow – but that motivation should come from you and not based on what you see online.

The Bottom Line

FOMO might seem difficult to overcome, but with a little practice, we can all be better at avoiding it. Use the tips mentioned above to deal with – and overcome – entrepreneurial FOMO!

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