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No Matter How Much We Try, We CANNOT BE Everything for Everyone

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

A potential client once asked me, “So, what can you NOT do as a virtual assistant?” — that struck me because, for the most part, we usually get asked what we can do and how we do it… not the opposite.

I thought hard about answering the question. Admitting our shortcomings may seem difficult because we often feel like we need to be everything for everyone.

Human as we are, though, it’s just not possible sometimes. But that’s perfectly fine!

There is always a silver lining to every situation, and it’s best if you know how to seek them during these times when you want to go beyond your limit.

We all have limitations, and that’s okay.

Here’s our word for the day: transparency.

It’s always best to be transparent with your clients to gain their trust and also for them to know what to expect from you.

In the spirit of transparency, here are a few services for which our team currently does NOT have the tools and capacity to do:

- lead generation

- drop shipping

- data mining

It’s always best to be open with your clients right from the start. You definitely want to serve and help, but we also believe that you can better help your clients when the services are within your capabilities.

Properly Setting Clients’ Expectations

Once we let our clients know that we aren’t able to fulfill their requests, some may question us. Some do understand. Others appreciate our honesty.

Their reactions are beyond us. However, what we can control is how we act and respond to them.

If you believe that you can’t accomplish the client’s requests, be open and upfront about it. Remain professional and pleasant. You can refer them to someone you know who could give them the kind of services that match what they need.

No matter what the client’s reaction may be, keep your integrity and remain transparent.

I’d also like to highlight the importance of setting the expectations of our clients. Doing so will let them know what they’ll be getting from us and if we meet their goals and standards. Here are a few tips to set expectations:

#1 - Establish clear and proper communication.

Let your clients fully know all the services you provide in full detail! Tell them what your deliverables are and let them know your capabilities. Don’t be afraid to show them your truth. We know that everybody can’t be our clients, and in turn, we can’t be everyone’s VA.

#2 - Let them know about the process.

The process includes how everything works in your routine and workload. Once a client understands your work ethics and procedures, they’ll be able to understand you more and know if you are the right fit for them.

#3 - Say “YES” but remain transparent to your client.

Here it is again, our word of the day! Just like everything else, transparency is the way to go. You have to be completely honest with your client and with yourself. Can you do it? If you are confident to take the risk and do that task even if you haven’t done it before, GO! But inform your client that you are swimming in uncharted waters.


As humans, we have our fair share of limitations, but this isn’t an entirely bad thing! Because if we could do everything, there’s a possibility of feeling overwhelmed by the countless things to tick off on our checklist.

And as a team of Virtual Assistants, through transparency and proper communication, we know we’ll be able to give the best services to the clients that are the right fit for us.

If you want to know if we’re a great fit for each other, book a call now!

As for those that we weren’t able to serve due to these limitations, we ended up referring them to other Virtual Assistants who specialized in certain fields that the clients need. They have now been working together for several months, and we’re super happy to have gained their trust and become the bridge to connect the two of them.

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