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How 8point8 Virtual Assistant Team Started: Our Origin Story

In this blog, I’m sharing the remarkable journey of 8point8, my virtual assistant team. If you’re a solo business owner overwhelmed by countless tasks, this story might offer insights on how to reclaim your time and build a resilient business structure.

From Passion Project to Burgeoning Business

Starting as a passion project, my business quickly burgeoned, bringing along a surge of tasks I hadn’t anticipated. Balancing client demands with personal commitments became a daunting challenge. I was stretching myself thin and was teetering on the brink of burnout.

There was even a time when I did not take a bath for 1 week! Add to that, my son actually went to me, held both my hands, and asked me to stop working.

The initial allure of entrepreneurship faded against the harsh reality of a 24/7 workload.

The Turning Point

Realizing the unsustainable nature of my workload, I embarked on a journey of delegation and empowerment. I made the pivotal decision of building a team.

By assembling a team of virtual assistants comprising graphic designers, content writers, and editors, I transitioned from a one-woman show to a collaborative powerhouse, leveraging the diverse talents of my team to meet client demands and drive business growth.

And that team became the 8point8 team you know today!

The Challenges We Faced

In 2021, a devastating typhoon struck different regions of the Philippines, disrupting our lives and business operations. With infrastructure in disarray and internet access scarce, 8point8 faced a critical test. Almost half of our team didn’t have electricity and access to water and the Internet.

Yet, thanks to meticulous systems and dedicated team members, the business weathered the storm, showcasing the power of preparedness and teamwork. The other half of the team was able to keep 8point8 floating and worked on client tasks as usual. It shows the resilience of a well-functioning team!

Just when life seemed to stabilize, a very personal tragedy struck. My beloved husband, Lee, succumbed to illness, leaving me a widow with three young sons. The loss shattered my world and left me grappling with grief and uncertainty.

Amidst profound grief, I realized the necessity of stepping back from business operations to heal and mourn.

Why Letting Go is Important

Lee’s enduring advice, “Let go,” echoed in my mind. These two simple words became my guiding light, prompting me to relinquish control and trust fully in my team. Embracing delegation and trusting my team became imperative for both personal and professional growth.

As I grappled with loss, my team steadfastly supported the business, underscoring the significance of a cohesive and capable workforce. I leaned on them for support while I focused on rebuilding my life.

Despite adversity, 8point8 thrived, proving that a well-trained team can sustain operations in the absence of its leader. The journey reaffirmed the value of empowering others and relinquishing the need for micromanagement.

Set Team-Building and Delegation as Priorities

Reflecting on my experience, I encourage fellow entrepreneurs to prioritize team-building and delegation. By relinquishing non-essential tasks and fostering a culture of autonomy, one can pave the way for sustainable growth and personal fulfillment.

The story of 8point8 epitomizes the transformative power of teamwork and resilience. As you navigate your entrepreneurial journey, remember that success lies not in solitary effort but in collaborative synergy. Embrace delegation, nurture your team, and forge a path towards lasting prosperity.

Thank you for joining Team 8point8 on this journey.

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