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Are You REALLY Ready to hire a Virtual Assistant? Find out what's preventing you from scaling your business...

Are you ready to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) and scale your business empire? Hold onto your virtual hats because we’re about to dive into the wild world of delegation, responsibility, and the not-so-secret sauce of leading your dream team.

Is Your Readiness an Illusion?

So, you’re itching to hire a VA, fueled by the glorious tales of business gurus and social media influencers. But wait! Are you truly ready? Or are you just following the crowd?

For all you know, you might not YET be ready to hire one. Here’s how to find out if your readiness is just an illusion or not.

#1 - The Three-Task Litmus Test

Before you hit the job boards or tap into your referral network, pause and ask yourself: Do you even know which tasks you want to toss into the capable hands of your future VA?

It’s surprising how many aspiring business leaders overlook this crucial step. If you’re drawing a blank, fear not. We’ve got a trick up our sleeves – name the three tasks you absolutely despise. These are your golden tickets to task delegation paradise - the first ones you can assign to your VA.

If you don’t know exactly what these three tasks are, then DO NOT HIRE YET!

#2 - The Art of Clear Instructions

Assuming you’ve identified your three mortal enemies (tasks), the next challenge awaits: Can you give clear instructions?

Surprisingly, the ability to articulate your desires is the unsung hero of effective delegation. No, it’s not as simple as ordering a sandwich. If you find yourself snapping at the Subway Sandwich artist for seeking clarification, you might not be ready to handle a VA. Giving clear and concise instructions is the cornerstone of a successful VA relationship. Remember, your VA is not a mind-reader – they need your guidance.

If you haven’t mastered the art of giving clear and followable instructions, DO NOT HIRE A VA YET!

#3 - The Money Talk

Do you have the funds tucked away to pay your VA for the next three months?

Hiring a VA is not a casual affair; it’s a financial commitment. You’re not just bringing someone on board for tasks; you’re becoming their work parent. When you pay them promptly, you’re ensuring that they can put food on their table, keep a roof over their heads, and support their families. As a leader, it’s a responsibility you can’t afford to overlook.

Failing to provide them with work, or playing hide-and-seek when it comes time for payouts, you’re essentially pushing your VA towards the brink of financial uncertainty. Do not be that client.

If you can’t guarantee their financial stability for the next three months, DO NOT HIRE A VA YET!

PS. Why three months? A service agreement or contract with an outsourced service provider typically lasts 3 months.

#4 - The Communication Conundrum

Congratulations, you’ve hired a VA! But hold up – do you have the time and patience to communicate effectively?

Ghosting your VA is a cardinal sin in the realm of leadership. Your team needs your guidance and, dare we say, a bit of hand-holding at the beginning. If you’re too busy to respond promptly or have regular check-ins, you’re setting the stage for a doomed relationship. A successful VA-client dynamic requires active communication, clarifications, and, yes, the occasional catch-up Zoom call.

Being unresponsive to your Virtual Assistant shows that you’re not ready to lead yet. If you don’t have the time and patience to communicate, clarify, and confirm messages from your VA, DO NOT HIRE YET!

#5 - The Mistake Mentorship

Ah, the inevitable – your VA made a mistake. Do you throw a tantrum, demand a refund, or do you step into the mentor role?

Handling mistakes is an art, and if you’re not equipped to guide your VA to improvement, you might be in for a rocky ride. Remember, perfection is a myth. If your VA falters, it’s an opportunity for growth, not a reason to play the blame game. It’s up to you how to handle this.

If you dock their pay or demand a refund as a way of taking revenge on them not doing the task right, think again! Could it be possible that you could have improved the way you communicated your instructions?

If you have a virtual assistant who isn’t performing their best, or you find yourself having to repeat your instructions yet the VA doesn’t still get it, there are only two things happening here:

  1. Your VA is not the right fit for you.

  2. You are not the right client for that VA.

Realize this and then let your VA go. Then, move on to finding a better team member for your business.

Evaluating Yourself: Are You Ready to Lead?

Hiring a VA means taking on a colossal responsibility. You’re not just delegating tasks; you’re shaping someone’s livelihood. It’s time to don the CEO hat and lead with responsibility, grace, and a sprinkle of humility. If you can’t handle this truth, you’re not ready to call the shots.

And if you can’t handle those 5 things mentioned yet, you’re probably not ready to hire a VA.

What if You’re Indeed Ready?

Well, the next question to ask is “How do I supercharge my VA?” They could be your secret weapon, your ace in the hole.

In an upcoming blog, we’ll spill the beans on the secret sauce of task delegation and unleashing the full potential of your VA team. Don’t miss it – your business empire depends on it!

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