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8 Business Resolutions Every Entrepreneur Should Make for 2022

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Not to say it’s a competition, but let us be the first to say Happy New Year!

Aside from getting your wine bottles and party poppers ready, welcoming another year would be incomplete without the renowned resolutions. Is your list complete yet? As entrepreneurs, setting these resolutions could power up our goals as we remember those that we have achieved and anticipate those that we could still do more.

As a virtual assistant team, we are always FOR productivity. Has the past year been about delayed course productions, postponed podcasts, or canceled appointments? You could always recover. Start with drafting those new year resolutions down. Let us share with you our list and feel free to adopt whatever is applicable for you!

1. Prioritize Your Health

For many of us, especially if you’re a budding entrepreneur, the business could be our bread and butter. So it should only be justifiable to focus all our energy on it, right? Wrong. Take care of your health so you could also make sound and timely decisions. A healthy body contributes much to a healthy mind.

2. Go Out

Speaking of health, taking care of your mental wellbeing goes hand-in-hand with our physical wellness. A simple 30-minute daily walk in the neighborhood could recalibrate your mind and get you the motivation you need to spark a business idea.

3. Organize Financial Plans

For entrepreneurs, getting some cash flow could be challenging. This is even truer if you’re still starting. So make sure to set your financial plans and decide to stick with them. If necessary, get a trusted accountant to guide you along.

4. Leverage Social Media Engagement

You must know by now how efficient social media portals can be when it comes to business marketing. Engage proactively with your online followers. So you could be more productive, tap the help of an affordable virtual assistant for social media to allow you to focus on working the heavier chunks of the business needs.

5. Be Up-to-date

Taking care of your business also means you have to keep abreast of the current events. It is crucial that you are relevant so your potential clients will know that you are truly someone who understands the present concerns and could provide real-time results.

6. Select the Right Help

Entrepreneurs could get busy, and this could sacrifice the other needs of the business. But if you have the right people to support and assist you, busyness is converted to productivity. Isn’t it neat?

7. Get Education

There is always room for learning. And with our fast-changing times, there is definitely a lot of training that you could benefit from. Explore the options to get even more equipped in handling your business. You could do more if you learn more.

8. Return to Your Why

Most importantly, always remember your purpose for setting up that podcast, online course, or business. Entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park, but remembering your main purpose could always refuel the passion.

Key takeaway:

Remember that only you have the power to make these resolutions a reality. Aside from disciplining your mind, surround yourself with like-minded individuals who could get you to your destination. These could be your loved ones, significant other, and physical or virtual assistants. If you’re looking for further support in expanding your business, book a call with 8point8 virtual assistant team to decide on which type of VA service fits your business. Hear from you soon!


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