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3 Secret Productivity Hacks by a Business Sidekick Consultant and Virtual Assistant

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Are your weekends suddenly disappearing? You run a successful coaching business, producing online courses, digital resources, and client tools left and right. Still, are you able to enjoy your success? Or do you wake up on Saturday morning only to realize it's Monday — it's been a full week since you last had a home-cooked meal and a shower? You're busy as a bee, but you should be the queen of your business empire, right?

I know the feeling. I've been there. I openly confessed in my videos that there was a time in my past, running my online business as a Virtual Assistant and Consultant, when I didn't shower for a week because I was neck-deep in coffee trying to run the operations solo. It was NOT fun, I was NOT happy, and It was NOT hygienic. Not washing your hair for a week - I don’t recommend it. In this video, I’m sharing with you the changes that happened to me and how I was able to overcome them.

Okay moving on… But I get it; the 24 hours of each day just seem not enough when you're running a coaching or course creation business alone.

Besides, where are all these tasks coming from anyway?

Oh, right, they are tasks created by YOU!

You created them and made these tasks appear out of thin air. You and your creative brain.

Your creative brain conjures these amazing marketing strategies, but there's just no time to implement them yourself. I’m not saying you should stop having ideas. NO. Don’t ever stop being creative.

You need to put all those ideas in your idea parking lot. When the time is right and when you actually have the team to support you, just pick one idea from the parking lot and speed away toward your success.

BUT In the meantime, let's tackle the more urgent issue: why can't you have a to-do list shorter than your patience? What can you do to hack your way to productivity without losing your mind because you desperately need your time-freedom back.

Reclaim Your Time Freedom with these 3 Secret Productivity Hacks!

Time freedom is still within your reach, I promise you. As you can see, I am now able to bathe daily - ish. I make time for rest and time for my family as much as I can, unlike before. I am a thousand times more at peace than I ever was when I didn’t change my clothes for days because I was so busy with business and client work. So Coach, here are three simple steps to reclaim your time freedom:

Number 1: ELIMINATE.

Take a closer look at your tasks. If they don't directly contribute to your bottom line, making revenue or business growth, it's time to reconsider their place in your daily operations. Do these tasks really belong in your operations? Are they worthy of your time? Why bear the burden of non-essential tasks when you could be focusing on what truly matters?

Streamline your work by eliminating the unnecessary. I suggest you list down all your tasks like a productivity audit. So list them all down in one long list, just like how Marie Kondo makes you dump all your wardrobe on the bed to see the mountainous pile of stuff you own. This is the same principle but with your business tasks. Pile them into one long list and identify which ones to keep and which ones to let go. As you go through the list, ask, "Is this task contributing to my revenue?" Yes or No... and "Is this task giving me joy?" yes or no! Depending on your answer, either cross it off your list or keep it and move on.

Number 2: DELEGATE.

For the tasks left on your list after the business spring cleaning, identify which of these can be done by another person or done more efficiently by another person that you will train to do it your way. We all have tasks we'd rather not do or don't have time for. But that doesn't mean they don't need doing because they do contribute to your revenue, right?

So, for those tasks, DELEGATE. Delegate these tasks to a capable team, whether it's hiring a Virtual Assistant or building your own powerhouse team to help you run your biz. Free yourself from the grind and delegate already! I promise you it's addictive once you've honestly let go of trying to perfect the operations and just stick to the operating. Striving for perfection will stall your growth. Doing gives you power! Remember that!

Number 3: AUTOMATE. The world is full of incredible tools and software waiting to make your life easier. So for those revenue-essential tasks that are left on your list, which can be done by a non-human entity (wink-wink AI, I'm looking at you)... automate them. These are repetitive tasks and prime candidates for automation. Imagine having your systems seamlessly running in the background, giving you more time to focus on your core business. Your VA can also play a key role in researching and implementing these time-saving solutions. In fact, you don't have to do the automating. Your role as a business owner is the decision-maker.

Once you decide to "automate this task, that task, and this other task. Go!" Give the marching orders to your VA and let them figure it out. Empower them, be the leader, the CEO, the decision-maker for the implementers. This works wonders if you're tech-challenged or don't know the first thing about using Apps or Tools - but you have the grand idea that is the soul of your business, right?

Let your team apply the automations, do the troubleshooting, and report back to you with their results. Entrust them with that responsibility and stop micromanaging. The faster you respond to your team and call the shots, the faster you grow.

So, there you have it.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks. Delegate the tasks that you don't have time for. And Automate the tasks that are repetitive.

Don't do all of these yourself. Stop yourself from diving in there and doing it on your own, even if you're capable of it. Because when you do these yourself — all of these — that's how you end up not having time to shower or cook a meal for yourself and your family or see your friends for Monday Margaritas and Thursday Brunch. You need to stop yourself from acquiring jobs that aren't yours because you are the business mastermind. You are the battle planner. You’re the CEO. You OWN this business. It does NOT own you!

When there's a battle, do you put your battle planner on the front lines? No. You put your best soldiers in the front line! You are the general. You call the shots. So, have faith in your team, train them well, be responsive when they need help, and build a team that you can have faith in. Train them to make up for the skills that you don't possess. That's it.

3 steps: Eliminate, Delegate, and Automate.

If you're thinking about hiring a VA after watching this video, kudos for taking a big step in growing your coaching business! We totally get it; making decisions can be tough, especially if it's your first time thinking about getting a VA or if you're at that point where you know you can't do it all by yourself anymore. But if you're not totally sure if it's the right move for you right now, just head over to

If you enjoyed our blog, check out our next video on this channel; it's going to make your tasks magically disappear. See you there!

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