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Stop delaying your SUCCESS!

Maximize your time and get more done with our

Productivity Rush VIP Day
Online Class
Hi there, Coach!!!

We'll take a guess! You're on this page because...

  • You are swamped and overwhelmed with tasks in your business.

  • You have a course idea or coaching program crowding your brain but it's gathering dust.

  • You have been struggling to find the time and energy to bring your course creation ideas to life for months.

  • You feel like you're drowning in a sea of to-do's and it's affecting your creativity and productivity.

  • You just want to wave the white flag but you can't give up on your dreams for your coaching least not yet.

The easiest way to finish a difficult task is to let someone else do it.

Believe us when we say that having a ton of tasks to tackle and no time to tackle them is paralyzing. But guess what, that feeling of "stuck-ness" is potentially hampering your business from soaring.

But can you imagine FINALLY waking up to see your to-do list checked off?

And, have you ever dreamed of building your course or finishing a project while you sleep?


Imagine...that online course you wanted to build on Kajabi is now published with a professional-looking course welcome page, your videos and audio files are now organized in an easy-to-follow course structure, you have branded and beautiful thumbnails for your modules and lessons, each unit and lesson outlined with descriptions to encourage your students to learn from you. Then, you're finally ready to launch your course to the world.


Or, if you have an existing course that you want to turn evergreen?! Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a course that sells itself, onboards students with an automation, and when your students graduate from the evergreen course, it also upsells them to book a 1:1 call with you? Or enroll in your masterclass?


Or compel them to put themselves on the waitlist for your next level up course that's launching next year?


If you had all or any of these tasks done quicker without the back and forth of second guessing your actions, not knowing where to begin and dealing with the anxiety of "Will I ever get this done? Will this problem go away for good?"


Well then, coach! Have we got the solution for you!

We're here to tell you your course creation dreams and coaching success don't have to wait - let our VA team help you tackle your task backlog with ease - IN JUST ONE DAY!

I'm Lisa Sabala, founder of the 8point8 Virtual Assistant Team. As a former solo VA myself, I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to manage everything on your own. That's why I turned my passion for supporting entrepreneurs into a full-blown mission to help coaches and course creators like YOU to reclaim time freedom and enjoy more productivity.

At 8point8, we provide you with instant access to a team of experienced VAs specializing in graphic design, content writing, social media management, video and audio editing, email marketing, and, most importantly, ONLINE COURSE CREATION!

Since 2017, our team has been helping coaches and course creators build their businesses from the ground up. Our clients used to be solo-flying business owners, but once they started outsourcing tasks and projects to 8point8, they never looked back. And we want the same for you!

 Young Woman Contemplating
But wait...
what if you can't handle having an entire team yet?

If you'd rather see results quickly instead of maintaining a team for long-term, then the Productivity Rush VIP Day is the perfect solution for you. This service is designed for those who want to accomplish more in less time. In just 8 magic hours, you'll experience a significant boost in your efficiency and output, and you'll be amazed at how much you can achieve when you have the right support and guidance from the 8point8 VA team.

Book your Productivity Rush VIP Day and see the results for yourself!

While 8point8 has been long known for offering 3-month long service plans with prepaid hours, we discovered that some clients don't really need the long term support yet.

However, they want the quick fix for their fast-piling backlog of course creation tasks or projects. That's where our team comes in with the Productivity Rush VIP Day,
an intensive one-time service where we provide you with dedicated support for up to a total of 8 hours.

Here's how it works...

☎️ Strategy and Clarity Consultation Call on Zoom
The 8-hour services starts when you meet with Lisa on Zoom for a high-value, intensive consultation call to talk about your project or course set-up, branding instructions, outline, module materials and content. The Zoom call can run from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The goal is for you to have ample time to share with us about your online course and who it's for, what kind of quick support you need from our team to help your students have a pleasant online learning experience, and what your most urgent goal to accomplish for your online course that needs to see the light of day ASAP. Basically, we get to know YOU and YOUR COURSE so we can be productive for you in the work hours that will follow.

💁 We Take the Task from Your Plate
This is where you hand over the course building to-do list that you've never found time for - and our team will take it from there. Whether you give us a set of specific instructions or just a general goal, our team will hit the ground running. The point is, you give us the "What I Want Done" and our team will worry about the "How To Get It Done".

🔑 Share Access To Your Workspace
During your Zoom call with Lisa, she will ask clarifying questions right there and then - this cuts away the lag time of having to confirm if our understanding of your task or instructions is accurate. We will also ask you to give us access to the apps and tools you need us to use. If you're worried about the security of your accounts, there's actually no need to share YOUR personal logins. You can easily give our team admin or editor access to your tools and workspaces.

😴 Time to Relax
Now that you've delegated your project, you can now relax. You can even go to sleep or hop on that last minute weekend out-of-town trip. While you're relaxing, our team of virtual assistants will get to work for the succeeding hours and cover as much ground as possible within the 8-hours worth of service for your Productivity Rush VIP Day. Our goal is to check off as many tasks as we can in the to-do list you dropped on us.

📝 Our Comprehensive Productivity Report
To wrap up your Productivity Rush VIP Day with a nice red bow, our team will send you a report of what was completed for you in the span of 8 hours. This report will be sent to you in 12-24 hours after your Zoom Call with Lisa.

But that's not all! There's more!
On top of your Comprehensive Productivity Report, we will also send you a Continuity Report which is like a roadmap for the next steps in your course building project. We give you practical suggestions based on our experience as Virtual Assistants to help move your business forward. We don't just rely on theories about course building; we've put them into practice. This makes our Continuity Report an invaluable resource for any coach or course creator.

Replay Video of Strategy Call with Lisa
You didn't think we'd stop there, did you? Of course not! We're also sharing download access to your Video Call recording with Lisa. Surely there's a ton of takeaways you can get from your Strategy and Consultation session so we want to make sure you can re-watch it at your convenience.

As a virtual assistant team, we understand that sometimes you just need a quick solution to your course creation tasks or project work without the commitment of a long-term prepaid plan. With our Productivity Rush VIP Day, we'll help you get clarity on your goals, take the tasks off your plate, and provide you with a comprehensive report of what we accomplished in just a short span of time.


This service is perfect for you if you want to build your course while you sleep! 🛌 💤

Let us help you turn your course creation dreams into a reality.

What tools or apps can our team work with in building your course?










Active Campaign.png



If the app or tool that you are using for your course is not listed here, please still book a call with Lisa to discuss an alternative plan of action for your Productivity Rush VIP Day.

Team Task

Supercharge Your

Productivity in

Just One VIP Day

We work quickly and efficiently in a span of 8 hours during your Productivity Rush VIP Day. You would think that 8 hours is too short because you personally can't get tasks done that fast if you did it yourself, right? That's likely because you have a ton of other more important things keeping you busy.


If you don't hire an assistant,

YOU ARE the assistant.

As a VA team here at 8point8, we spent a lot of time working with course building tools in behalf of our clients. This means that when you hand over your course building project to us, your time won't be wasted on having to figure out how to do tasks because that's our team's job now.


You're a VIP for the day that you'll book our team's dedicated assistance so use us to your advantage and to your heart's content.


Expect convenience and quick productivity!

Woman Sleeping

Top Tip!
Consider booking a VIP Day schedule that starts in the afternoon or evening. By doing this, you can have your strategy call with Lisa before you end your day. Then you finish endorsing your tasks to our team and go to bed.

Imagine waking up the next day to read the productivity Comprehen
sive Report from our team. It's like you did your work in your sleep — literally.

You probably dreamed that one day you would be getting things done in your sleep. NOW, it's virtually possible because you have 8point8 supporting you.

Don't let the backlog of tasks weigh you down. Let us help you soar in your coaching business. Book your Productivity Rush VIP Day to finally get your online course up and live with the help of our VA team.

The Best Part is AFFORDABILITY...

The Productivity Rush VIP Day is available for only

$388 USD

For this price, you get 8 total hours of course building or project work assistance that includes:

  • High-Value Strategy and Consultation Zoom Call with Lisa to start your VIP Day session. We will send you a copy of the call recording to re-watch at your convenience.

  • Project Work: course materials, lessons, units, and modules organized and optimized for learning on your course platform. Just give us an outline or the curriculum guide and we'll take it from there. If you haven't finished the content of your entire course yet, that's okay. What's important is that we've gotten it started for you and you can at least start offering the first few modules of your course to students or clients already.

  • A Comprehensive Report of the tasks completed by our team during the VIP Day service.

  • A Continuity Report that lists the things your course still needs or the next steps that you can take to polish up what our team was able to accomplish for you during the VIP Day session.


Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

What is the difference between Productivity Rush VIP Day and Prepaid Plans?


The Productivity Rush VIP Day is an intensive 8-hour session where we work closely with you to achieve specific goals, such as course creation, content strategy, or business planning. It's a focused day of collaboration and action to accelerate your progress. On the other hand, our Prepaid Plans offer flexible hours of virtual assistance to support ongoing tasks and projects beyond the VIP day. It provides consistent support and allows you to delegate tasks and projects as needed.

Who can book a VIP Day with 8point8?


Our VIP Day service is available for coaches, course creators, and content creators who are looking for a dedicated and focused day to make significant progress in their business. Whether you are just starting out or looking to level up your existing business, our VIP Day is designed to provide tailored support and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

How soon can I expect to receive my Comprehensive Report after my VIP Day is done?


After the VIP Day, we aim to deliver your Comprehensive Report within 24-48 hours. This report will summarize the discussions, action steps, and recommendations discussed during the VIP Day. 


What is a Continuity Report for? What makes it different from the Comprehensive Report?


The Continuity Report is an additional resource we provide to guide you after the VIP Day. It outlines specific action steps, milestones, and recommendations to help you progress beyond the VIP Day. While the Comprehensive Report provides an overview of the discussions and decisions made during the VIP Day, the Continuity Report focuses on actionable tasks and strategies to implement moving forward.


How many VIP days can I book with 8point8?


There is no limit to the number of VIP days you can book with us. We understand that business growth and evolving needs require ongoing support and guidance. You can schedule multiple VIP days to address different aspects of your business or to continue working on existing projects. Each VIP day will be tailored to your specific goals and objectives, ensuring continued progress and success in your coaching or course creation journey.

Still not sure if this service is right for you?

Talk to Lisa before you book your VIP Day. We're happy to answer your questions and concerns. See you soon!

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