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Delegate Like a B😎SS
Group Training
A FREE training to take your group coaching or membership program to new heights
Schedule your exclusive training with Lisa so you and your clients can learn to delegate and outsource tasks more easily.
Virtual Team Meeting
Hey Coach!

Do you lead a mastermind or group coaching program with clients? We have a feeling you do!


Do you have regular training sessions every week or month? And do your clients have their own businesses but they struggle to find the right virtual assistants?

Maybe they already have virtual assistants or hire freelancers but find it hard to explain their project ideas. Or maybe they found an awesome virtual assistant but worry about giving them too much or too little work and meeting deadlines. They just want better ways to work with their team.


Wouldn't it be great if YOU and your clients could learn tools, tricks, and techniques to find amazing virtual assistants and keep them in their businesses for as long as possible?

That's where the Delegate Like a Boss Exclusive Group Training comes in! It's the training you NEED for your next group call with your mastermind clients.

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Boost your productivity and share the strategy with clients & group coaching students!

What happens in the training?

By the end of the virtual group training, we want you to gain clarity on how to delegate like a boss and reclaim your precious time-freedom back. Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect to gain from this FREE training:

1️⃣ Prepwork: Lay the Foundations for Task Delegation Success
Discover the KEY steps you need to take BEFORE hiring a Virtual Assistant. Lisa will share essential preparations that set the stage for seamless delegation, ensuring you find the perfect match for your needs.

2️⃣ Searching: Easily Craft your Virtual Assistant Job Ad
Learn the easiest and most effective way to write a job ad that attracts Virtual Assistants who align with your needs.

3️⃣ Budget: The No-Brainer Cost-Efficiency Formula
Say bye-bye to budgeting headaches! Our no-brainer formula will show you how to maintain cost-efficiency while outsourcing tasks. Lisa shares the smart strategies to get maximum value from your VA without breaking the bank.

4️⃣ Onboarding: Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming Training and Hand Holding
Why waste your precious time on extensive training? Learn how NOT to spend hours teaching your VA the ropes. Lisa will show you how to streamline your newwbie Virtual Assistant onboarding process without it sucking your time.

5️⃣ Rinse and Repeat: Set Up Your Delegation System
Ever wanted to build an automated system that prompts you to delegate tasks better? Want to stop asking yourself "Should I really be the one doing this task?". This question and a whole lot more will be answered in the free group training with your mastermind or group coaching clients.

Have we met? I'm Lisa!

Hey there, Coach! My name is Lisa Sabala. I'm absolutely thrilled to connect with you and the clients in your group coaching program, mastermind, or membership.

Here at 8point8, we live and breathe supporting coaches and course creators – it's our passion! You must be wondering how we got here and if it's truly possible to wipe your to-do list clean. Well, let me share a little spoiler – YES, it's entirely possible! I've witnessed numerous clients achieve time-freedom by delegating tasks more effectively and I believe you can too.

As the founder of 8point8 and a former solo virtual assistant, I've dove deep into the realm of task delegation, budgeting, and project outsourcing, making my fair share of mistakes along the way. Those experiences have been invaluable in scaling the business, and now, I'm excited to share my real-life tested productivity hacks, delegation techniques, and project management strategies with you and your coaching community.

Speaking of your group coaching clients and their virtual assistants, they may have specific questions that they find challenging to ask directly. It's a common concern – the fear of unintentionally unsettling the team we've nurtured for so long. Well, that's a problem we'll solve during your group training! In the Q&A session, I'll happily answer questions you or your clients may have, offering impartial and practical insights to put your minds at ease.

I'm eager to be part of your training and contribute to the empowerment of your coaching community. Let's master delegation, maximize productivity, and achieve those scaling goals together. Invite me to train your group soon – I can't wait to meet you all!

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If you don't hire an assistant,

YOU ARE the assistant.

Reaching a point in your business building journey when you feel like you're working all the time, without a moment to rest - that's not a good sign. Before you get to your breaking point, think about task delegation and the power of leveraging your time. CEOs and team leaders don't occupy rank tasks but they empower their rank team members to march to the same tune. This is what your time and energy should be focused on as the leader.

So let's get ready to lead by delegating like a BOSS. Book the free training and we'll show you the first critical steps to building your team of virtual assistants.

Still not sure if this FREE training is right for your group?

Talk to Lisa before you book a training. We're happy to answer your questions and concerns. See you soon!

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