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Super Sidekick 1:1 Consulting

Ever wished for a business buddy who can help you turn your plans into action, answer your burning questions, and chart a realistic path for implementation using the least costly tools and apps out there?

Say hello to Lisa, your very own Super Sidekick.

Hello coach and course creator! 🙌 In case you were wondering...


Your Business Plans don’t have to be DIY...I promise!

Laptop Typing on Bed

I know you've taken online courses, joined masterminds, you already have a business coach who helped you create your business plan… You know WHAT you want to achieve, but who can you ask HOW exactly to put that business plan into action?


Well, you're at the right place. You will find the answer here today.

What is the
Super Sidekick 1:1 Consulting?

The Super Sidekick 1:1 Consulting is your direct path to holistic guidance in the realms of coaching and course creation. During your weekly 1:1 Zoom meetings with Lisa, she will help you transform ideas into action, overcome challenges, figure out the best tools and apps to use, and navigate the complexities of the coaching and course creation landscape.

On a Video Call

In case we haven't met...

Hey there, I'm Lisa Sabala. I've spent nearly two decades working with dozens of coaches and course creators. I've done various jobs like writing, freelancing, consulting, and being a virtual assistant. While I did go to business school in college, the real-world experience I've gathered in 20 years is where I truly learned the ropes. So, if you're starting to build a course or jumping into Phase 1 of your coaching business, doesn’t it just make sense to take a human GPS with you?

That's where I come in! I'm your super sidekick slash human GPS in scaling your business operations. I've walked the same path as many coaches and course creators, back and forth because I was there when they needed support to lay their course foundation brick by brick.  So when you pick me as your business sidekick consultant, I'll be your guide to conquer your business tasks, just like a sherpa helping you up your Mt. Everest of projects.


I'll show you the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to climb that mountain. I'm eager to go on this adventure with you. Let's do it!

Here's what some clients have said about working with me:


LaTanya Tolan, LCSW

"First, let me start by saying that Lisa is amazing! My businesses and back office would not be as comprehensive as they are if I didn't have Lisa! Also, Lisa is very well-versed and acclimated with all of the business systems that we use - which is a HUGE help! I appreciate not having to be the tech genius because she already is! We meet together 1 to 1 each week, and it is a meeting that I always look forward to attending. Lisa has such a beautiful spirit and is a woman of God. She always has awesome ideas and takes the time to understand what my needs are, how she can meet them, and how she can save me money, all of which I appreciate greatly! You will definitely not regret connecting with Lisa. She will improve your business, and put you at ease with all of her knowledge and abilities to do even the most complex tasks. I thank God that Lisa and I have connected. She is such a blessing to me and my businesses!"

Jaclyn Gallo

"Lisa is a pure joy to work with. I truly enjoy every second I spend speaking with her."

Holly T.

"I knew nothing about starting a podcast. I felt incredibly overwhelmed. By the end of my first one-on-one call with Lisa, I had a clear plan. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I was able to implement it seamlessly with her guidance. [She was] willing to answer my millions and millions of questions. I am so incredibly happy with my investment."

Wouldn't it be cool if you had a sidekick too?


What got me here…

You know, I had this grand idea – to build an online course to help business owners "Delegate Like a Boss".

I’m almost done with it but I paused… 🤔

I asked myself:

“Will coaches or my clients actually have the time to go through the training here?” 

My immediate answer was “Nope”. 🤦‍♀️

"Will coaches or my clients need the info that is in the course library I'm building?"

Of course! One Hundred Percent! 🙌

But what do YOU need now more than ever?


Do you want a course? Or do you want IMMEDIATE ANSWERS to your questions?

It was crystal clear. I needed to BE THERE for my clients instead of letting them just go through the course at self-pace because they won't ever have the time to do that.

I realized something crucial too. Coaches and course creators, maybe even you, are drowning in responsibilities and have no time to spare on lengthy training videos, answering worksheets, doing the homework, etc.


If you had a choice, you’d rather get immediate answers and solutions, pronto. You would much prefer being given a step-by-step process already rather than figuring out how to scale your business operations from scratch. You want a clear-cut plan, without the mental gymnastics. 🤸‍♀️


So, here's the truth: I had to admit that maybe, just maybe, I was off the mark.

I want to offer results QUICKLY, but the I will continue to build the course with a library that coaches and course creators can peruse at their convenience and when they are available.
And that's where the Super Sidekick 1:1 Consulting Service took form.

Why Am I Sharing This with You?
Let's set the scene then...
Tall Mountain

You've got a business coach who helps you map out your goals and keeps you on track.


You're getting guidance on what to do, when to do it, and the big picture view of your coaching or course creation business

Image by Alexander Mils

You've invested heavily joining group training, enrolling in online courses, hiring virtual assistants, paid for apps and tools.

But here's the kicker: You're the one who has to execute all those brilliant plans solo. It's a mountain of work you can't conquer alone. And if you did hire a team, a virtual assistant or a freelancer, you’re not sure how to communicate the results you want to accomplish.

You have all these questions and hypothetical situations in your head but you don’t have anyone with practical experience who can answer you straight if your ideas are even feasible.

Sound familiar?

What if you had a Super Sidekick by your side? Someone with two decades of experience in marketing, project management, team organization, business operations, virtual assistance, and online course development?

Imagine having a sounding board for your ideas, a tech savvy partner to recommend the right tools, or an advisor to help you decide whether to build a team, get a branding expert or hire a freelancer instead.

In a nutshell, what if you had immediate help to navigate the maze of decisions on your road to long-term success as an online coach or course creator?

What You Get From Your
Consultation Calls with Super Sidekick Lisa

You'll gain access to a wealth of benefits that address the pain points you face as an online coach or course creator:


Efficiency and Confidence

Say goodbye to endless online searches and guesswork. With me, you'll get prompt answers, saving precious time for growing your coaching or online course business. I'll help you streamline decisions, eliminate overwhelm, and ensure steady progress toward your goals.


Problem-Solving Partnership and Growth

I'll be your problem-solving partner, helping you navigate uncharted territory, overcome plateaus, and reduce the stress that comes with your responsibilities.


Expertise and Tailored Support

Benefit from my 20 years of expertise in project management, online coaching, and course creation. Gain confidence by learning from my past experiences, both successes and mistakes. Expect tailored solutions and personalized guidance to fit your unique business needs.


Actionable Plans and Tangible Results

Walk away from each call with actionable plans and insights, ready for immediate implementation and tangible results.


Battle Plan Creation

If it's what you need, together, we'll craft a battle plan that includes practical steps and strategies. I'll assist you in creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to streamline your business operations and achieve scalable success with your team.


Cost-Effective Suggestions

Worried about making costly mistakes or overspending on tools and resources? I want to help you make informed decisions. So ask me questions during our calls so that we can identify the most budget-friendly path to achieving your business goals.


Tips for Team Empowerment

I'll share with you some tips how to transform your team or virtual assistant(s) into supercharged assets for your organization. Because I started as a VA and team member myself, I have insights on optimizing their performance, ensuring they align with your business goals.


Brainstorm with a Coaching Business "Guinea Pig"

Think of me as your operations and implementation "Guinea Pig" in your coaching business. Before diving headfirst into any investments like tools, hiring a VA, or building a team, it's crucial to hash out a well-thought-out project implementation plan and I want to be your sounding board.

It's about time you booked a call for
Super Sidekick 1:1 Consulting!

This service is the distilled wisdom you'd otherwise hunt for online or ask artificial intelligence chatbots to help you understand. 😅

I don't follow a rigid outline because, trust me, I've seen it all. From basic queries like "How do I share my Google Doc with my client?" to complex challenges like "Can you guide me on creating a course launch strategy?"

Regardless of who asked these questions, all of them share a commonality: they don’t have time, energy, and sometimes patience to figure out these things alone.

So what does every rising business heroine need? 🦸‍♀️

Yes, you guessed it! A Sidekick! 💫

Ready for the next step?
Here are your


🌟 1-on-1 Virtual Consulting Sessions
FOUR 60-Minute Sessions on Zoom
💡 Efficient Problem Solving during the call
📊 Customized Task Management Tips
💭 Creative Idea Bouncing in Zoom meeting
🚀 Marketing Strategy Brainstorming
🤝 Accountability Support



🌟 1-on-1 Virtual Consulting Session
ONE 60-Minute Session on Zoom
📊 Customized Task Management Tips
💭 Creative Idea Bouncing
🚀 Marketing Strategy Brainstorming


Important: Call schedules are generally offered on weekdays Monday through Friday except holidays and depending on availability. Bookings are on a first-come-first-served basis. Since this service is available globally, I’ll make sure to take into consideration your local time zone and what’s convenient for you to have our Zoom call(s). Please don't hesitate to send an email to to request for an arrangement unique to your situation.

I've walked the path you're on right now and I am telling you, it's not a journey you want to take alone. I've faced the challenges, juggled the overwhelming workload, and tackled the complexities of the online coaching and course creation landscape. I've spent so many years in the world of coaching and course creation that I know where the landmines are, where the pitfalls are, and the quicksands in the landscape. I’m hoping I can provide you with enough guidance so you don’t ever have to set foot in places where you could get stuck.

One of the most common reasons
Online Coaches or Course Creators give up on their business is:
By now, you already realize that you can't grow when you're doing everything yourself. However, I completely understand that it's also a struggle to even let go of the tasks that you've become so accustomed to doing yourself. My goal as your super sidekick is to provide you 1:1 consulting sessions where you can finally get quick ANSWERS and receive suggestions for SOLUTIONS that you can apply right away. In your heroic origin story, this is now the time for you to decide whether to take your business journey alone OR will you grab a sidekick to watch your back as you lead your business forward.
Which one will you go for?

Make the choice that aligns perfectly with your current aspirations and needs. Whether it's a short-term boost, a month-long journey, or a one-time intensive consultation, I'm here to root for your success.

Should we get started already?


With Super Sidekick 1:1 Consulting, you're not just making an investment; you're securing a reliable partner to navigate the complexities of your coaching or course creation journey. No matter which package you choose, you'll have direct access to my industry experience, expertise, and unwavering commitment to your success. It's time to take action, gain clarity, and transform your business aspirations into reality. We both know you have the ‘WHAT’’s time to figure out the “HOW” and that’s where I’ll help you!

Your thriving coaching or course creation business is just a click away.

Hoping to see you on Zoom soon. 

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