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Want an instant team?

Bring the 8point8 Virtual Assistant Team into your business! Here's how to work with us...


Start with a budget-friendly Prepaid Plan. We keep our pricing scheme simple, affordable, and cost-effective at an hourly rate of $25. By signing up, you get access to...

✅ 40 Hours of Virtual Assistance Services

📋 Your Custom Trello Board

🗓️ 2 Months of Service Validity

📞 FREE Onboarding Call with Lisa

📅 Optional Catch-Up Calls

🌟 Access to our Full Service Menu

Initial Onboarding at

One Thousand US Dollars

But wait! What if I use up all my 40 prepaid hours BEFORE my 2-month service plan expires?


No worries! You can simply TOP UP by purchasing more prepaid hours and extending your service plan validity.


Let's get started!

Delegate your tasks to our VA team and have peace of mind knowing you will never overspend! No need to keep hiring and then sadly let go of your VA when you run out of tasks for the month. There's no need to pay a recurring retainer fee either. You simply pay in advance for VA work hours and use it up as the need arises.

for a virtual a
ssistant team?

We hear you! That's totally OKAY!


How about these two other offers that might be

just what you're looking for instead...

Because we understand that not everyone has the time

or the capacity to lead a full-team for long-term.


If you need advice and someone to bounce ideas with...

Super Sidekick.png

If you had a choice, you’d rather get immediate answers and solutions, pronto. You would much prefer being given a step-by-step process already rather than figuring out how to scale your business operations from scratch.


Then having a Super Sidekick & Consultant is what you need...



If you only have a couple projects to finish ASAP...

We'll help you get clarity on your goals, take the tasks off your plate, and provide you with a comprehensive report of what we accomplished during your Productivity Rush Week with us.


This service is perfect for you if you want to build your course or plow through your backlog to-do list in just a week's time.


If these other options don't apply to you, this might help you decide!

We created the NEXT STEP GUIDE that you can download for FREE! Get your copy today and find out if you're ready to hire a Virtual Assistant team or if it makes more sense to wait.

8point8 VA Team - Next Step Guide.png

Otherwise, if you're ready to start LEADING a team and really embody your CEO role, here's your chance!

Available spots fill up fast so don't wait

too long to book our team.

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