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Super Easy Task Instructions for your Virtual Assistant: Create an Infographic

Assigning infographic creation tasks to your virtual assistant (VA) may feel overwhelming, especially when ensuring your creative vision is accurately communicated. Misunderstandings during this process can result in wasted time and a lack of enthusiasm for bringing your ideas to life.

Picture this: you have a vivid infographic concept in mind, but your VA interprets it differently due to unclear instructions. Such miscommunication can lead to unfulfilled visions, missed opportunities, and a diminished passion for turning ideas into reality. It’s time to eliminate the ambiguity and ensure your virtual assistant grasps your vision clearly.

In this blog article, we guide you through the process of assigning infographic tasks to your VA with detailed instructions, minimizing the risk of misinterpretation and maximizing the chances of successful execution.

What You Need to Prepare:

Before delegating, compile the essential information to empower your VA in creating an impactful infographic:

  • Infographic Size

  • Content

  • Template/Design

  • Other Details

Note: If providing references or attachments with a heavy file size, reduce/compress the file size before sending to your VA.

What to Send to Your Virtual Assistant:

Use this template to convey your general research instructions:

Subject: Infographic Creation Task

Dear [VA’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I have an exciting infographic project for you. Please find the details below:

  1. Infographic Size:

  • Width: [Specify]

  • Height: [Specify]

  1. Content:

  • [Specify if you will provide content or if the VA should write it]

  • References: [Attach or link references, especially if the VA will be the one to write it]

  1. Template/Design:

  • [Specify any preferences or attach a sample if available]

  1. Other Details:

  • [Any additional information crucial to the task]

Task Timeline Plan:

  1. Task Assignment Date: [Today’s Date]

  2. Deadline for Submission of Initial Draft: [3-5 Days after Assigning the Task, depending on whether they will also write the content or not]

  3. Deadline for Edits to be Applied: [3-5 Days after Requesting for Revisions]

Deadline for Final Submission: [2-3 Days after Revised Output is Submitted]

Deadlines and Task Limits:

Consider giving your VA at least 1-2 weeks before the intended use date to allow for thorough research and any necessary revisions. Clearly communicate any specific milestones or checkpoints for review during the research process.


Assigning infographic tasks should be straightforward, and with our guide, you can ensure seamless collaboration with your virtual assistant. Share your thoughts and struggles in the comments or email us at Your suggestions might shape our next blog article!

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